Agnes Questions Her Faith

Over the past few days, the main character in the comic strip Agnes has been asking questions about religion…

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We’re Not Atheists Because of Bad Christians

Why aren’t we religious?

I’ve heard Christians confidently express the reasons: There’s too much hypocrisy within the church, there are too many Christians who give the rest of them a bad name, we’ve had bad experiences in church, etc.

Neil Carter does a great job pointing out that the problem is as much with the message as it is the messengers:

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Digital Transparency Has Led to the Downfall of Organized Religion

In an interview with Andrew Aghapour of Religion Dispatches, Daniel Dennett explains why the transparency of the Internet Age hurts religion specifically:

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Feds Want Large Signs Gone from Oklahoma Highways. Somehow, That’s an Attack on Religious Freedom

There’s a rule when it comes to signs on the sides of the road in Oklahoma: They can’t exceed a certain square footage or else the state gets in trouble.

But state officials have tried to sidestep that law for a while now. Over the past decade, they’ve asked the federal government for exemptions on the size rule when it comes to non-profit groups, including churches. (So really, this has always been about churches.)

They even passed a law a few years ago allowing non-profits (so… churches) to post bigger signs on the side of the road.

Now the government is clamping down on this overreach:

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Ben Carson: I Aced My College Chemistry Final Because God Gave Me All the Answers in a Dream

Earlier today, at the official National Day of Prayer breakfast in Washington, D.C., GOP Presidential candidate Ben Carson — a neurosurgeon by trade — explained how he passed his chemistry final during his first semester at Yale University:

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