Dennis Markuze, Who Threatened Atheists Online for Years, Sentenced to Three Years of Psychiatric Treatment

In 2011, the notorious death-threat-spewing, non-sensical-phrasing, email/Twitter spammer Dennis Markuze (a.k.a. David Mabus) was finally arrested. (Skeptic Tim Farley brilliantly documented all the drama.)

Markuze pled guilty to making the threats, spent months in drug/alcohol rehab, and received a suspended sentence of 18 months, during which he had to refrain from “participating in a social network, blog and discussion forum.”

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Yes, Emily, Caitlyn Jenner is a Hero

A Christian blogger named Emily is very unhappy with Caitlyn Jenner. She can barely bring herself to use Jenner’s name; when she does, it’s in quotation marks. And she wants you to know that “Bruce Jenner is not a hero.”

Since it’s just a perfect example of someone who thinks being Christian is grounds to stop being a decent human being, and because this post has generated an insane number of views and discussions, it’s worth explaining why she gets it so horribly wrong.

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Novelist: I Was “Misinformed and (Quite Frankly) Wrong” When I Opposed Charlie Hebdo‘s Courage Award

Back in April, the PEN American Center planned to give its Freedom of Expression Courage Award to the staff (or what remains of it) of Charlie Hebdo.

Several writers balked at the honor. They were offended that Charlie Hebdo, which they deemed an offensive publication, was being rewarded for their anti-Islamic material.

Ultimately, more than 200 writers signed a letter of protest against the award (which was still given to the magazine’s staff).

I’m happy to say that one of those writers, Jennifer Cody Epstein, is apologizing for adding her name to that list:

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What Did We Learn from Last Night’s Interview with the Duggars?

What were the takeaways from Megyn Kelly‘s interview last night with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar?

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Child in Spain Diagnosed with Diphtheria Because His Parents Didn’t Vaccinate Him

It’s bad enough when people don’t get vaccinated because they believe in pseudoscience. But when the vaccines are free and you’re putting your children at risk, it’s completely irresponsible:

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