“Graveyard of the Gods” at UW-Madison Reminds Students That All Gods Have an Expiration Date

As they do every year, the Atheists, Humanists, and Agnostics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison put together a fantastic “Graveyard of the Gods,” reminding students of all the deities who were worshiped, believed in, and eventually forgotten.

The purpose is to get students thinking about when their God will join the ranks of the dead.

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All Ghost Stories Should Sound Like This

From the same people who went searching for Bigfoot earlier this year, enjoy this entertaining mockumentary-style ghost story:

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Members of Congress Are Defending the Praying Football Coach, but Here’s a Terrific Response

This week, dozens of politicians finally got around to doing something! Unfortunately, it involved right-wing Republicans making another symbolic gesture.

Members of the Congressional Prayer Caucus sent a letter to administrators in the Bremerton School District in support of I-Have-To-Pray-on-the-Football-Field Coach Joe Kennedy:

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Toledo Mayoral Candidate Who Speaks in Tongues Says at Debate That She Knows She Will Win

Did you watch the debate the other night? Not the one with the GOP candidates who have no business holding leadership positions. The other one with the GOP candidate who has no business holding a leadership position.

Opal Covey, the self-styled “prophetess” running for mayor in Toledo, Ohio, took part in a debate against the six other candidates on Wednesday night, and she didn’t disappoint. (Unless, you know, you live in Toledo, in which case you should be horrified.)

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Stop Calling the Bible a 2,000-Year-Old Book

You’ve probably heard it before, and perhaps you’ve even uttered the phrase yourself. Atheists are fond of proclaiming their unwillingness to believe in some silly “2,000 year old book,” an argument which is meant to show how outdated the morals and societal codes taught in the Christian holy book are. The New Testament is certainly outdated and its rules have no business in the 21st century, but atheists are still wrong to use the phrase “2,000-year-old book” to dismiss the Bible.

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