Stephen Colbert Explains Why the Catholic Church Doesn’t Like the New Star Wars Movie

Stephen Colbert, a practicing Catholic, discussed on his show last night why the Vatican’s newspaper panned the new Star Wars film:


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Atheist Extends Open Invitation to Community to Come Over to Her House for a Christmas Meal

This is a little belated but what a wonderful story.

On Christmas, Asheville (North Carolina) resident Angelica Jasso extended an open invitation to anyone in her community to drop on by her home to get a hot, fresh, free meal.

She was compelled to do that because, as an atheist, she knew God wasn’t about to fill anyone’s stomach.


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Atheist Chaplain Begins New Role in UK Hospital

Jane Flint has a nifty new job title: “Non-Religious Pastoral Carer for Leicester Hospitals NHS Trust.”

She’s basically a secular “chaplain” for people in the hospital. Instead of a Bible-bearing priest coming buy to offer religious advice, this is a wonderful option for people who aren’t religious — a label that includes about a quarter of people in the UK according to the last census.


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New Jersey School Will Stop Saying “God Bless America” After Pledge Due to ACLU Intervention

You’d think having kids say the Pledge of Allegiance would get the God fix out of the way for administrators who want religion in school.

At Glenview Elementary School in New Jersey, however, students are told to say “God bless America” after the Pledge — because I guess if the kids don’t say it, Jesus won’t get his wings. It’s a tradition that’s been going on since 9/11. Now, the ACLU is telling the District to put a stop to it, arguing that there’s no way invoking God like that is merely ceremonial.


Principal Sam Sassano says the school will back down from making it a formal part of the day, though it’s clear that students will still be encouraged to say it on their own.

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“Let Reason Prevail” Banner in Indiana Slashed Into Pieces

The Freedom From Religion Foundation can’t seem to catch a break in Indiana. A banner they placed on the grounds of the Franklin County Courthouse, in response to a Nativity scene there, was slashed into pieces:


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