The Difference Between Sex Ed and Abstinence-Only Education

Leave it to The Onion to explain the differences:

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Dozens of Homeopathy Conference Attendees End Up in Hospital After Taking Actual Drug

The headline may be humorous, but the actual situation is devastating.

At an alternative medicine conference in Hamburg, Germany over the weekend, 29 people ended up in a hospital after taking a very real, very potent drug:

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No One Should Get a Free Pass Because of Their Beliefs, Says Lawrence Krauss

Lawrence Krauss, writing for the New Yorker, makes a connection between the Kim Davis saga and why he’s a self-proclaimed “militant atheist”:

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South African School Calls in Exorcists to Stop Kids from Taking the #CharlieCharlieChallenge

Remember the “Charlie Charlie Challenge,” the “game” that went viral back in May?

It worked like this: You get some paper and make a grid with the words “Yes” and “No.” You then put pencils on the axes, one atop of another, so they balance. Finally, you ask Charlie — a supposedly Mexican demon with a not-very-Mexican name — any question you want.

If the top pencil moves, it means Charlie is answering your question…

For some reason, grown human adults were taking this seriously for a while, but I thought we were generally over this as a people.

That’s not the case in South Africa where one primary school is bringing in local religious leaders to stop the scourge of this evil game:

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Mike Huckabee Has No Idea Why Kim Davis Was Actually in Jail

Here’s a question reporters should ask every conservative Christian running to the side of Kim Davis: Why was she in prison?

The wrong answer: Because of her religious faith.

The right answer: Because she refused to obey the law, despite being an agent of the government.

Following her release from prison this afternoon, though, the wrong answer is all we were hearing. Just listen to what Mike Huckabee says at the end of this clip:

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