God’s Life Hacks Aren’t Very Helpful

DarkMatters2525 offers up God’s Top Ten Life Hacks.

They’re, um, not as helpful as I had hoped.

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Even in His Last Interview, Christopher Hitchens Didn’t Let Up on Mother Teresa

In 2011, Richard Dawkins guest-edited the Christmas issue of the New Statesman and included an interview with Christopher Hitchens. It turned out to be the last interview Hitch ever gave. He died that December.

The day after the interview was conducted, Hitchens received an award from Dawkins at the Texas Freethought Convention, where the two embraced in this memorable image:

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A Woman Who Grew Up in the Pentecostal Movement Explains the Mindset of Kim Davis

Heather Emme grew up in the same sort of Pentecostal world that Rowan County clerk Kim Davis (below) currently inhabits. In an excellent post, she offers some insight into that mindset and how she broke free:

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Saudi Arabia Bans National Geographic Issue Featuring Pope Francis “For Cultural Reasons”

National Geographic‘s August issue, normally translated into Arabic for a Saudi Arabian audience, hasn’t been published in the country. No official statement was given, except for this tweet from the chief editor on the magazine’s Twitter account:

It says:

Dear readers in Saudi Arabia, we apologize for you not obtaining August’s magazine. According to the publishing company, the magazine was denied entry for cultural reasons.

Chief Editor

Check out the cover and you can take a guess what those “cultural reasons” are:

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We Don’t Need to Require Public Officials to Take Their Oaths of Office on the Constitution

Several of you have sent me this petition at WhiteHouse.gov that says we should require all public officials to be sworn in on the Constitution instead of a religious text.

Presumably this would prevent someone like Kim Davis from pushing her religious beliefs onto others when she’s supposed to be working for the government.

I’m not a fan of these kinds of petitions to begin with, but this one seems especially useless to me.

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