Here’s Part Four of a Secretly-Videotaped Jehovah’s Witness Apostasy Trial

For several weeks now, I’ve been posting videos of a Jehovah’s Witness apostasy trial.

Isaac had criticized some of the Church’s teachings and this trial is his last chance to explain himself. If disfellowshipped, Isaac’s friends and family members still in the Church could be prohibited from ever speaking to him again.

Part four — the final part — of his hidden camera video is now online.

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Christian Pastor, Once Caught Having Gay Sex in Church Van, Now Arrested for Stealing $60,000

A pastor committing a crime isn’t even newsworthy anymore, but when the church is complicit in the problem, it’s worth mentioning.

Boyd Watson Holder Jr. (below), the pastor of Victory Apostolic Church in Kingsport, Tennessee, was arrested this week after a grand jury found significant evidence to indict him for swiping $60,000 from the church’s bank account.

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High School Student Exposes Jehovah’s Witnesses: “Within This Religion, Love is Conditional”

I don’t know who this girl is yet. But according to a video going viral on YouTube (200,000 views and counting), she’s giving a presentation about the Jehovah’s Witnesses to a high school class. It’s the religion in which she was raised.

Start watching from the 2:27 mark:

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Judge with Ties to Mike Huckabee Orders the Destruction of Josh Duggar’s Police Report

The whole Josh Duggar-as-a-child-molester story really blew up over the past few days because In Touch magazine obtained and released the 2006 police report detailing his crimes (along with the inadequate response by his parents).

That’s why it’s appalling to learn that, on Thursday (when the story went public), Judge Stacey Zimmerman (below) ordered the Springdale Police Department to destroy the original documents:

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Forget Jesus on Toast. There’s a Humanist in a Tomato

Well, I’ll be damned.

I had given up on this whole atheism thing after Christians kept finding Jesus on their toast.

But Redditor Masaharta found the Humanist symbol in a tomato and now the whole world makes sense again!

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