Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) Will Speak at Atheist Group’s Lobby Day Event

The Secular Coalition for America’s annual Lobby Day and Secular Summit will take place June 12-14, and I just received word that Rhode Island’s Senator Sheldon Whitehouse has confirmed that he will be the keynote speaker:

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The Problem with Fictional Atheists on Television

Reader Nick created this image and it suggests a great question: Why are fictional atheists on television always so damn unlikeable?

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Once Again, Comedian Louis CK Talks About Atheism… and Gets It Wrong

Earlier this year, comedian Louis CK delivered a fantastic monologue on Saturday Night Live that really pushed some boundaries on the topic of religion:

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This is What Really Freaked Me Out About the Black Mass

This is a guest post written by Meryl Federman.

Just over a week ago, a “Black Mass,” or a Satanic ritual purportedly based on inverting Catholic rites, was scheduled to take place on the Harvard campus, sponsored by the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club and administered by the Satanic Temple of New York. The Cultural Studies Club, true to their name, intended this to be an academic event, a look at a marginalized and unorthodox tradition, and part of a series of events examining other religions and cultures (including Shinto, Shaker, and Buddhist events). However, they received a flood of intimidation and anger.

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One of the Top College Football Prospects in the Country is an Atheist (and He Attends a Catholic High School)

The last time we heard from former World Series champion Gabe Kapler — an outfielder for the Boston Red Sox in 2004 — he was writing about one of his religious teammates who was later convicted of sexual assault.

At the time, Kapler said:

I’m floored that I misjudged the character of a man so horribly. Perhaps I was blinded with the mantle of righteous moral authority he always tried to wear and never looked deeper.

Chad Curtis wasn’t the first major leaguer to commit a heinous crime. I’m confident in my assessment, however, that he’ll represent the last time that I allow the veil of religion and perceived moral high ground to impede my better judgment of another human being’s fiber.

Well, Kapler’s not done writing about religion — and I’m thrilled to see that his latest article for Fox Sports profiles Josh Rosen, a top football prospect who has a rare quality: he doesn’t believe in God.

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