When It Comes to the Legal System, Just Ignore the Ten Commandments

Even Sarah Palin understands that the Ten Commandments don’t form the basis for U.S. law:

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So That’s Why God Sends Gay People to Hell…

Considering gay people didn’t do anything wrong, I guess this explanation is as good as any!

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Religion: Ruining Everything Since 4004 BC, Now on Kickstarter

I’ve said this before, but Zach Weinersmith is phenomenal at what he does. He draws comics that are uniquely hilarious, has already created an extensive library of graphic novels and books, and works on projects that are as varied as they are entertaining. Most people would be thrilled to do any one of those things. He does it all.

His latest project is a religion-themed collection of his Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal cartoons. Like this one:

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Ohio Church Gives Pizza Delivery Woman $1,000 Tip: Act of Generosity or Publicity Stunt?

Earlier this month, the Sycamore Creek Church in Ohio ordered a pizza (which you do on a Sunday morning) and gave the delivery woman a tip worth just over $1,000 as a gesture of kindness. Which sounded nice, bought the church a lot of publicity, and gave the driver a bit of a reprieve, too:

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Maine’s Governor Has Appointed a Creationist to Head Up the State’s Department of Education

I guess Texas is so big, it now extends up to Maine.

Maine’s Governor Paul LePage has appointed Bill Beardsley as the acting commissioner of the state’s Department of Education.

Beardsley, a former president of Husson University and former commissioner of the Department of Conservation, will be in the position for six months, though LePage could later recommend him to hold the position for much longer in an official capacity.

What’s the problem with that?

Beardsley, like LePage, believes Creationism should be taught in public schools.

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