You Really Are Just Being Racist Here…

In general, when I find myself disagreeing with people I know and like, I’ll reach out to them privately to see if we can clear up any confusion and fix things that way. I’ve been criticized plenty of times by people who know me, but when they didn’t like something I wrote, they took the public-shaming route instead of giving me a chance to respond to their concerns first. It’s lazy, it’s irresponsible journalism, and (most importantly) it usually doesn’t work. It just causes the other person to double-down on whatever they were doing before.

So when I saw this post by Dusty Smith, a popular YouTube atheist under the handle “Cult of Dusty,” it bothered me. I usually “get” his sort of politically-incorrect humor even if it’s not for everyone, but there’s just nothing funny about this:

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A Reminder That the Same God You’re Thanking for That Parking Spot is Killing Innocent People in Other Countries

This video is a perfect reminder of how ridiculous “First World prayers” sound when we consider what’s going on elsewhere in the world, presumably thanks to the same God.

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John Oliver: Dr. Oz is the “Worst Person in Scrubs Who Has Ever Been on Television”

Last night, John Oliver went after Dr. Oz and his pathetic “response” to critics.

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 52: Mystery Science Theater 3000‘s Trace Beaulieu And Frank Conniff

Our latest podcast guests are Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff, best known for their work on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

At the American Atheists 2015 convention in Memphis, Tennessee, Jessica spoke with Trace and Frank about the genesis of MST3K, what they think about podcasts, and whether it’s tough to be known only for the show rather than their other projects.

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Ken Ham: Creationism is True Because a Teenager Drew This Picture

Ken Ham loves to talk about children and how they really grasp his message… which makes sense since he can really only get through to people who haven’t learned how to ask critical questions.

His latest post involves a picture drawn by a 13-year-old fan from Minnesota:

This drawing illustrates the battle between creation and evolution, and I am thrilled to see young people understanding these issues and standing firmly on God’s Word from the very beginning.

Besides the fact that the doodle doesn’t showcase any “understanding” of the issue, I would just point out a few things…

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