The Dark Side of Turning Water Into Wine

What if Jesus made a mistake while turning water into wine…?

The Comedy Central show TripTank has the answer:

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Idaho Post Office Removes Nativity Scene Mural After Being Told It’s Illegal

Here’s the situation: A post office in Rupert, Idaho had a Nativity scene mural painted on its windows. The Freedom From Religion Foundation pointed out that’s illegal promotion of Christianity. The painting has since been removed.

Now the town is flipping out because, you know, “Freedom!”

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“JESUS Welcomes You to Hawkins” Sign is Still Causing Major Problems in Texas

It’s amazing how much trouble one sign can cause.

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Phoenix Woman Accused of Killing Atheist Victim, Then Keeping the Body as a “Shrine From God”

According to a disturbing story coming out of Phoenix, 39-year-old Anitra Braxton shot and killed a non-religious woman for the “sin” of not believing in God, then kept the body in her house as a “shrine from God.”

Braxton was arrested on Saturday after cops, acting on a tip, visited her home and saw the unnamed victim lying on the couch in a pool of blood:

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Christian Woman Says She Redirected Texas Tornadoes That Killed Nearly a Dozen People

On the day after Christmas, nearly a dozen Texans were killed as a result of tornadoes in the region. It was horrifying, it was unexpected, and it was exactly what one Christian woman was praying for, apparently.

Sabrina Lowe told NPR affiliate reporter Bill Zeeble that she prayed for the tornado to get the hell away from her, because that’s how nature works, don’t you know:

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