Bill Nye Speaks About Climate Change in Rutgers Commencement Address

Bill Nye delivered a commencement address at Rutgers over the weekend (just after receiving an honorary degree) that focused on the importance of climate change and the next generation’s burden:

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Egyptian Cleric: Atheists Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Talk About God Unless They’re Outside the Country

Egyptian cleric Khaled Al-Gindi said on Al-Hayat TV earlier this month that atheists had the right to their beliefs… as long as they remained silent while in the country. Anything less was a “provocation” (of what, he didn’t specify).

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They Could Hang This Poster at the Creation Museum

Because the Genesis explanation of how we got here is *much* better than anything Darwin figured out:

(via Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Thanks to RED XIV for the link)

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Boy Scouts of America President Says Ban on Gay Leaders “Cannot Be Sustained”

In 2013, the Boy Scouts of America finally said gay scouts would not be kicked out of the organization.

But gay scout leaders were still banned. (Not to mention atheists of any age, but that’s a separate issue.)

Now, the BSA’s own President, Robert Gates, says the homophobia has to stop or the organization won’t be around much longer:

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A Rebuttal to “5 Ways The Atheist Community Is Hurting Itself”

I generally like the website Cracked, but an article posted there by Mark Hill is just irresponsible, poorly-researched, and full of every anti-atheist stereotype you can imagine.

Hill is an atheist whose entire exposure to the “movement” seems to be limited to online feuds and whatever he found on Reddit, as if that should be enough to understand all of atheism. And now he’s going to tell us what’s wrong with us.

The piece is called “5 Ways The Atheist Community Is Hurting Itself.” (Which I’m not directly linking to because Cracked doesn’t deserve it, but you can read it here and here.)

Let’s go through the list, shall we?

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