Pope Francis: If Churches Aren’t Taking in Refugees, We Should Tax Them

Once again, Pope Francis has said something that’s radical on the surface, and once again, the Catholic Church isn’t about to change in response to it.

Speaking with a Portuguese Catholic broadcaster, the Pope lamented refugees who have nowhere to go and who are being shut out of Church-owned spaces:

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Christian Baker Serves Gay Couples Because “If They Want to Get Married, More Power to Them”

I’m confused.

I thought all Christian bakers melted like the Wicked Witch if they were asked to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.

Then there’s this baker from Sarasota who believes marriage is limited to a man and a woman… but he’s not a jerk about it and treats his gay customers the same as his straight ones. It’s like he’s a kind human being or something. Why is he trying to ruin our narrative?!

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He Spent a Weekend with Atheists and Wrote a Cover Story About It

Check out the cover of the latest issue of the Riverfront Times in St. Louis:

Danny Wicentowski attended the recent Gateway to Reason conference and has a long writeup of what he saw and what he learned.

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In Honor of Slain Atheist Avijit Roy, Here’s a Collection of His Work

Earlier this year, author Avijit Roy and his wife were attacked when returning home from a book fair in Dhaka, Bangladesh. While his wife survived, Roy did not. He was the first of four atheists brutally killed in the country so far this year.

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A Vampire Movie… with a Secular Theme

The Gospel According to Stephenson is a vampire film that doubles as a battle between religion and atheism:

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