The Problems with the National Prayer Breakfast

Christian blogger Fred Clark explains the problems with the National Prayer Breakfast:

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Attack During Free Speech Debate in Copenhagen Targets Lars Vilks, Controversial Muhammad Cartoonist

Lars Vilks is the Swedish artist at the center of controversy in 2007 because he drew the Islamic prophet Muhammad with a dog’s body. (This was more than a year after other Muhammad cartoons were published in Jyllands-Posten.) In 2010, there was still a bounty on his head and his home was fire-bombed. Despite all [Read More…]

Check Out This Trailer for a Fascinating Documentary About How Evangelical Christians Deal with Sex

If I asked you to describe evangelical Christianity, “sex-negative” would undoubtedly be near the top of the list. The culture that embraces purity rings, and abstinence-only sex education, and compares women who have fooled around to a glass of spit-up food that no one would want to drink has warped a lot of people’s minds about what constitutes healthy, safe sex.

A few years ago, I posted about a Kickstarter campaign for a movie all about the relationship between Christianity and sex.

That movie — Give Me Sex Jesus — is finally premiering later this month (at least a version of the final film, anyway) and will hopefully be available to view online soon.

Check out this trailer:

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Hey, Kids! If You Don’t Listen in Church, God Will Kill You

Jehovah’s Witness leaders have a simple message for children: Pay attention at meetings or you will be killed… just like Noah would’ve been.

You can see it in their latest propaganda video:

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What Happens When People Pray to Different Gods for the Same Thing?

You can see how that plays out at The Perry Bible Fellowship.

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