A Church with Bibles (Literally) in the Walls Opens in Chattanooga

There’s a new $8,500,000 church opening in Chattanooga this week. But it’s better than other churches, you see. It’s a mega-church that strives to be a meta-church, transcending denominations and welcoming all Christian traditions under its roof.

Oh. And it’s made partly out of Bibles. Actual, physical Bibles. Because that’s how architecture works:

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An Incredible Interactive Chart of Biblical Contradictions

A few years ago, computer science whiz Chris Harrison created a beautiful visualization linking up every cross reference in the Bible. So, for example, if a verse in the New Testament referred back to a verse in the Old Testament, there was an arc drawn between the two chapters they were in (the vertical lines at the bottom represent the number of verses in that chapter):

Amazing! Turns out there are 63,779 cross references in the Bible (and that many arcs in the image)! If it’s any indication of how complex this image is, the high-resolution version is more than 100MB large.

Now, computer programmer Daniel G. Taylor has taken all that data and turned it into a visual masterpiece.

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I Guess Christian Churches *Are* Sex-Positive…

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Why Should Atheists Care About Their Legacy?

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, answers the question: Why should atheists care about their legacy?

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Here’s the CNN Segment on Why Millennials Are Leaving Church

Here is the CNN segment from earlier today:

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