Actually, This Plan Would Probably Backfire on Churches…

You know, I get the joke Mike Luckovich of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is going for in this cartoon

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Yvette d’Entremont Talks About Her Takedown of “Food Babe” Vani Hari

Last month, Yvette d’Entremont received a lot of attention for her lengthy takedown of Vani Hari, the “Food Babe.” In short, Hari has a history of promoting nonsense, her followers fall for it, and she pretends to be persecuted anytime a critic calls her out on her bullshit.

In a speech for the Los Angeles branch of the Center For Inquiry — which was coincidentally planned before her article went viral — d’Entremont spoke about “BS Detection and the Fall of the Food Babe”:

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Neil deGrasse Tyson on Whether Science and Religion Are Compatible

I thought Neil deGrasse Tyson might offer something of a wishy-washy answer on this question of science versus religion… and I was halfway right.

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High School Director Who Made Racist Remarks at Graduation Ceremony Fired

Last week, during the high school graduation ceremony for TNT Academy, a private school just outside of Atlanta, founder/director Nancy Gordeuk accidentally dismissed the crowd earlier than expected. So as a student was trying to give a speech, there were people walking out of the ceremony. It pissed off Gordeuk, who began reprimanding the crowd from the stage, but then it took a really ugly turn when she said, “Look who’s leaving, all the black people.

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Florida Sheriff, Unable to Separate His Faith from His Job, Delivers Sermon in Uniform

The last time I wrote about Polk County (Florida) Sheriff Grady Judd was in 2010, when he was removing basketball hoops from the local prison and giving them away to local churches. When Judd was asked why he wouldn’t give the hoops to a secular organization, his response (referencing an atheist group) was, “Why should I kowtow?”… as if giving them to a public school meant bolstering the “atheist agenda.”

I just learned that Judd recently delivered a guest sermon at First Baptist Church on the Mall last month — it was called “Wouldn’t the World be Better if Everyone Behaved Like a Christian” — and he didn’t do it as a private citizen. He delivered it while wearing his sheriff uniform, suggesting that he was speaking as a government official:

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