Arrested Psychics Confess Their Scams in Order to Get Out of Prison

A number of psychics who have been arrested for defrauding their clients could get an early release from prison if a parole board grants it. First, however, they have to come clean about their actions. You’ll be shocked to learn the truth about their business:

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Jesus Was a Welcome Sight at This Pride Parade

At the Madison Pride Parade this month, Jesus made a surprise appearance and upstaged the Christians who claim to follow Him:

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Arizona Public Charter School May Be Sued for Using Government Textbook That Promotes Christianity

Heritage Academy in Mesa, Arizona requires all seniors to take a government/U.S. Constitution class. So you have to wonder why the textbook they’re using promotes Christianity as if it’s an integral part of both.

According to Americans United for Separation of Church and State, this book and the class go far beyond what’s legally allowed:

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Judge Says School’s Ten Commandments Monument is Illegal, but It Doesn’t Have to Come Down

This is Connellsville Junior High East in Pennsylvania. As you can see, it has a Ten Commandments monument right in front of it, and that’s been there since the Fraternal Order of Eagles donated it in 1957:

A couple of years ago, Americans United for Separation of Church and State and the Freedom From Religion Foundation wrote letters to the district to have it taken down, and it resulted in the monument being boarded up with plans for it to be donated to a local church.

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Sarah Palin Interviewed Donald Trump. (What’s the Opposite of a Meeting of the Minds?)

What happens when an ex-Governor who doesn’t know anything interviews a blowhard who thinks he knows everything?

Nothing. Nothing happens. There’s no substance. No depth. Just meaningless babble about how much everything sucks and an understanding that it’ll all just get magically fixed when their side is in charge.

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