Alabama Governor Appoints Christian Fundamentalist (Who Disavows Public Schools) to State Board of Education

Remember last month, when Texas Governor Greg Abbott appointed a homeschooling Christian mother to head up the State Board of Education?

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, not to be outdone, just appointed someone to his State Board of Education who never attended a public school in his life, only having a fundamentalist Christian “education.”

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In Settlement, Colorado School District Agrees to Stop Numerous Promotions of Religion

There are plenty of legal ways Christian students can promote their views in public schools. They can start a club. They can gather around the flagpole. They can host voluntary Bible studies. They can talk to their friends about Jesus during lunch (at least until they run out of friends to annoy).

Basically, it’s all good as long as teachers and administrators don’t get involved in any substantive way in order to avoid coercion.

But back in May, Robert Basevitz filed a lawsuit against the Fremont RE-2 School District in Colorado, documenting all sorts of instances in which District officials crossed the line and treated the local high school as an extension of a local church.

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The Boy Scouts Still Don’t Accept Atheists

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how the Boy Scouts of America still bans atheists.

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Even More Disturbing Revelations Emerge from the Jehovah’s Witnesses Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry

Right now, in Australia, there are public hearings taking place regarding allegations of Jehovah’s Witness leaders sexually abusing children. I posted about this earlier, but there are even more disturbing allegations coming out.

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Lyme Regis Town Council (UK) Adopts Invocation Prayers at Meetings for No Good Reason

The town of Lyme Regis in the southwest part of England just instituted prayers at their Town Council meetings, and local atheists don’t know what the hell elected officials are thinking:

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