Three China (TX) City Council Members Resign After Mayor Allows Atheists to Host Event in City Hall

Over the past month, three city council members in China, Texas have resigned from their positions, leaving the city unable to proceed with business because there aren’t enough elected officials to reach quorum.

What prompted them to step down?

They’re supposedly angry at Mayor John Walker for not asking their permission before approving an event in city hall aimed at dispelling myths about atheists and church/state separation:

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Illinois High School Football Coach Promises Not to Lead or Participate in Prayer with Athletes

A week after the head football coach at Naperville Central High School in Illinois was told to stop praying with his team, it appears the message has finally been taken seriously by everyone involved.

Last we heard, Superintendent Dan Bridges promised that Coach Mike Stine wouldn’t lead prayers with his team but said nothing about his participation in them. That didn’t satisfy the Freedom From Religion Foundation, which had already sent a warning letter to the District, so FFRF sent a follow-up.

That may have done the trick. Bridges and Stine have finally promised to comply fully with the First Amendment:

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Virginia School District Closed Today After Commotion Surrounding Arabic Calligraphy Lesson

At Riverheads High School in Virginia last week, World Geography teacher Cheryl LaPorte wanted to introduce students to Arabic calligraphy, so she had them copy a phrase to show off its “artistic complexity”:

The problem is that the phrase — which was never translated on the assignment itself — actually said “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”

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Forget What the Science-Deniers Say; Evolution Really Can Be Observed

One of the arguments Creationists love to bring up is that evolution is a lie because we can’t see it happening in real time. We can try to explain that natural selection occurs over many generations and long time-scales, but they can’t handle that sort of nuance.

Thankfully, there are actually plenty of examples of evolution occurring within a lifetime. This PBS video explains one of them:

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Bill Nye Explains How to Escape from Religion

Someone asked Bill Nye how to think properly after a lifetime of indoctrination. His response was fantastic:

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