Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Blames Charlie Hebdo Cartoonists for Provoking Terrorists

In typical fashion, the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue issued a statement in response to the massacre at Charlie Hebdo… and it’s simply awful. After briefly condemning the violence, he spends the bulk of his time criticizing the cartoonists for bringing this tragedy upon themselves:

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How the Terrorist Attacks Hurt Muslim Nations Everywhere

Scott Gilmore at Maclean’s juxtaposes today’s acts of terrorism with the International Space Station and explains that the acts of “vengeance” like we saw at Charlie Hebdo‘s offices today leave the Muslim world in even more disarray:

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Appeals Court Rules That Westhampton Beach Eruv Can Remain in Place, to the Delight of Orthodox Jews

Under Jewish law, on the Sabbath (Friday night to Saturday night), you’re not supposed to carry any of your possessions between private domains (like your home) and public domains (like outside your home). But what if you want to take your baby to synagogue? What if you want to carry your keys from inside your home to outside where your car is parked? You can’t do it. Jewish law forbids it.

But Orthodox Jews figured out a loophole. All they have to do is turn a “public” domain into a “private” one and problem solved! They accomplish this by creating an eruv (AY-roov).

An eruv is essentially a gated community built using poles and string. You put up the poles all around a city, connect them with a string, and you’ve created a brand new giant domain. Orthodox Jews can roam and carry items freely within that space, even on the Sabbath!

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I Don’t Think the Mayor of Winfield, Alabama is Happy With Me

The other day, I posted about a Godly resolution passed by the Winfield City Council (in Alabama) that was suggested and endorsed by Mayor Randy Price (below). The resolution declared Winfield a “City Under God” with God as the city’s “owner.”

Well, reporter Kelly Kazek contacted Price after all of this blew up to get his take on it — and he seems shocked that there’s now backlash to what he thought was a great decision:

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After Long Legal Battle, Christian Symbols Will Finally Be Removed from King (North Carolina) Veteran’s Memorial

A few years ago, Steven Hewett, a former police officer and veteran of the war in Afghanistan (where he received a Combat Action Badge and a Bronze Star), took a stand against a Veterans’ Memorial in King, North Carolina, where he had lived since 1999:

What’s wrong with that memorial? All the ways it promotes Christianity.

Like this Christian flag that was one of eleven surrounding the memorial:

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