Eschaton 2012: The Best of Times, The End of Times

The Ottawa Centre for Inquiry is hosting a conference at the end of this month called Eschaton 2012: Celebrating Reason at the End of the World: [Read more...]

It’s a Trap!

Only the clever find a way to escape! [Read more...]

The Richard Mourdock Version of Lena Dunham’s Campaign Ad

This is disturbing… and creepy… and probably wrong on all sorts of levels. [Read more...]

Afghanistan War Hero Sues City Over Christian Symbols at Veteran’s Memorial

Steven Hewett began objecting to the flag in 2010. That year, the city (on the advice of a Christian legal group) held a “lottery” to decide what flag could get put on a flagpole at the memorial, presumably knowing that Christians would overwhelm the application process. The resulting lottery led to the Christian flag being hoisted at the memorial 47 out of 52 weeks in 2011 (and again in 2012). [Read more...]

The Illogical Concept of Souls

So I went even further down the evolutionary scale, back to the reptiles, amphibians, fish. Do fish have souls? The further back I went, the more dubious the idea was beginning to sound. So I went back further still. Jellyfish, mollusks, insects, sponges? Can a sponge differentiate between good and evil? Is there a heaven and hell for good and bad cockroaches? If they possessed souls then they, too, must be immortal. And if they’re immortal, they must possess their own afterworlds. The concept was getting more and more absurd. And yet I had to reach back even further. [Read more...]