Bus Driver Allegedly Told Autistic Kid She’d Be Shot with Fireballs in Hell if She Wasn’t Devout

It’s bad enough when someone says to a child that she’s doomed to an eternity of torture if she doesn’t believe in God — a place where she’ll be pelted with “fireballs” forever.

It’s really bad when the kid is told her parents will be joining her in Hell if they don’t ask for Jesus’ forgiveness.

And it’s just bottom-of-the-barrel awful when we’re talking about a school bus driver saying all this to an autistic five-year-old:

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A Creationist Planetarium May Soon Be Built in Dallas

The Institute for Creation Research, a multi-million dollar enterprise that produces no credible research, has big plans for expansion! Because bullshit breeds bullshit.

They plan to add a museum and planetarium to their existing Dallas building. I repeat: A planetarium… dedicated to showing how the universe is only a few thousand years old.

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Tyler Perry Will Host a Live Musical About the Crucifixion of Jesus

Just when you thought the whole “live musical” genre was getting a bit stale, Jesus tap-dancing Christ is coming to town, courtesy of host/narrator Tyler Perry:

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Atheists Can Celebrate Christmas, Too

CNN’s Todd Leopold wanted to know if I, as an atheist, celebrated Christmas.

Like a lot of atheists I know, my response was, “Of course!” I just ignore all the religious aspects of it…

While some Christians may object to anyone not embracing Jesus this time of year, the fact is there are a lot of us who don’t accept their mythology and have our own traditions, many of which overlap with theirs.

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FFRF Will Challenge Judge’s Ruling in Defense of High School Ten Commandments Monument

This is the Ten Commandments monument sitting outside Valley High School in New Kensington, Pennsylvania (not far from Pittsburgh):

It’s been there since 1957, when it was donated by the Fraternal Order of Eagles. For a long time, no one did anything about it, but a few years ago, several plaintiffs filed a lawsuit to have that display removed. After two of them decided they didn’t want to participate anymore, there were only two plaintiffs left: Marie Schaub and her daughter.

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