A Run-Down Church in Spain Just Became a Beautiful Indoor Skate Park

What do you do with a hundred-year-old Spanish church that’s no longer in use?

You do some fundraising, get Red Bull involved, and turn it into a large, beautiful skate park:

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A Christmas Song for Atheists About Keeping the Merry and Dumping the Myth

Peter D’Angelo, a composer who normally creates music for TV and film, put together a Christmas song for atheists. It’s called “Keep the Merry, Dump the Myth

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Humanists Plan to Sue Mississippi County That Won’t Remove Nativity Scene from Courthouse

The Harrison County Courthouse in Mississippi has this Nativity scene in the building… which is odd for a place that’s supposed to respect the law:

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Christian Preacher Says He Will Soon Release Video Evidence of Raising People from the Dead

A few months ago, Christian preacher Todd Bentley told an audience that he had personally brought 35 people back from the dead thanks to the power of God:

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Catholic League’s Bill Donohue: “Christians Own December”

After CNN’s article about atheists who celebrate the traditions of Christmas without the trappings of religion, you knew the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue would have something to whine about.

I just didn’t realize it would be something I said.

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