Aziz Ansari Tells Conan O’Brien What It’s Like to Eat Pork Around His Muslim Parents

Comedian Aziz Ansari, who’s not religious, recently spent a lot of time around his Muslim parents as they filmed his new Netflix show Master of None. While the filming went fine, there was a lot of tension during dinners with them since he and his girlfriend eat pork and they (obviously) don’t.

Ansari told Conan O’Brien how all of that played out and it’s hilarious:

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Check Out These Scientific Alternatives to Traditional Christmas Carols

A group called Scientific Songs of Praise will soon release an album offering alternatives to traditional Christmas music.

Like “Solar Night” (instead of “Silent Night”).

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An Ex-Muslim Explains Why She Left the Faith

Seth Andrews of The Thinking Atheist recently interviewed Sarah Haider, a former Shia Muslim who works with the Ex-Muslims of North America. She talks about what caused her to step away from the faith:

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The FBI’s 2014 Hate Crimes Report Shows That Atheists Were Almost Never Victims

The FBI just released its 2014 Hate Crime Statistics report, and I think it’s always valuable to realize how relatively good we have it compared to other kinds of minorities.

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A Brief Glimpse at What Peaceful Muslims Are Going Through After the Paris Terror Attacks

What have peaceful Muslims had to go through following Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris?

Here’s a depressing glimpse at what some have had to deal with:

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