Dozens of Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses Have a Message for Those Still Trapped in the Faith

There’s a horrible practice in the Jehovah’s Witnesses known as disfellowshipping. Essentially, if you leave the faith, the people who remain in it (including your own parents) are told to shun you indefinitely.

And if you leave, you can bet your reputation within the JW community will be ruined. If you’re an apostate, you’re not just someone who left the faith. You’re someone who lies and wants to siphon off other believers.

Now, 62 ex-JWs — all considered apostates — have a message for the people who remain in the faith. They’re not evil. They’re not angry. They’re just normal people with a difference of opinion who still love those who remain trapped in the organization:

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Even if Richard Dawkins Converted, He’d Deserve Praise for His Impact on Science and Atheism

Jeffrey Tayler, writing at Salon (of all places), praises Richard Dawkins for his contributions to science and atheism. No matter what you think of his Twitter comments, Tayler says, it doesn’t take away from the impact Dawkins has had:

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50 Problems with the Mormon Church in Under 10 Minutes

Here’s a quick rundown of 50 cases where Mormon theology gets it wrong:

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 75: Lauren Lane, Executive Director of Skepticon

Our latest podcast guest is Lauren Lane, the Founder and Executive Director of Skepticon, a national conference located annually in Springfield, Missouri that promotes skepticism, science education, and community building.

I spoke with Lauren about how her team runs a free conference for more than a thousand people, how they improve the event every year, and what goes on behind the scenes.

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In Georgia, Christians Are Angry That Kids Are Learning Facts About Islam in School

Another day, another group of Christians who are furious that their children are getting educated in school.

This time, in Walton County, Georgia, Christian parents are angry over a homework assignment that correctly pointed out that Muslims believe Allah is the same God worshiped by Jews and Christians.

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