Ted Cruz, Who’s Trailing Three Other Christians in the GOP Primaries, Forms “National Prayer Team”

Sen. Ted Cruz, who announced his Presidential campaign at Liberty University, will now have a “national prayer team” at his disposal.

You have to admit: That’s a great euphemism for a collection of future Christian donors.

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Donald Trump Would “Absolutely” Force Muslims to Register in a National Database

In an interview with Yahoo News yesterday, Republican President frontrunner Donald Trump said that he would consider going to extremes to prevent terrorism. Even if that meant collecting data on all the Muslims in the country.

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Somehow, This Video Makes Televangelist Jim Bakker’s Buckets of Food Even More Sickening

I don’t know how he did it, but Vic Berger found a way to make televangelist Jim Bakker even creepier than usual.

It involves the giant buckets of food Bakker is selling to his fellow Christians for when the world collapses during the Last Days and grocery stores become obsolete.

It’ll also make you ridiculously queasy. Because any food eaten with a shovel is, by definition, disgusting.

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Activist Maajid Nawaz Criticizes the “Regressive Left” for Allowing Bigotry in Religious Contexts

Echoing statements made by people like Sam Harris and Bill Maher, activist Maajid Nawaz criticizes those on the “Regressive Left” who refuse to call out Islam even when that condemnation is warranted — like when women are treated as second class citizens or cultural practices would never be accepted in other contexts.

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Satanic Temple Chapter Offers to Help Muslims Who Fear Backlash

One day, parents will tell their children to bring home a nice Satanist.

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