For the First Time Ever, a Darwin Day Resolution Has Been Introduced in the Senate

A few days ago, Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT, below) introduced House Resolution 67 (a.k.a. the Darwin Day Resolution) to designate Charles Darwin’s birthday, February 12, as a national day to recognize “the importance of science in the betterment of humanity.”

Now, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT, below) has introduced a companion bill in the Senate, making it the first time the Darwin Day Resolution has been introduced in that body. The text of S.Res. 66 hasn’t been released yet, but it should be pretty similar to the House version:

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Granddaughter of Trinity Broadcasting Network Founder Alleges Corruption Involving More Than $100,000,000

Just over a year ago, Paul Crouch, the man who founded Trinity Broadcasting Network and made millions of dollars on the backs of gullible viewers, died.

Now, his family is in the middle of a lawsuit that alleges all sorts of corruption within the organization:

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Atheist Billboard in Australia Reads: “Have You Escaped Religion? We Have!”

They know how to ruffle some feathers Down Under.

A new billboard in Sydney (Australia) put up by the Sydney Atheists and the Atheist Foundation of Australia holds little back in its portrayal of religion as something you need to “escape” from:

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A Rebuttal to the Fine-Tuning Argument

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, offers a rebuttal to the fine-tuning argument. (Note: We had a couple of microphone glitches, so the sound is strange in a couple of sections.)

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Dennis Markuze, Who Threatened Atheists Online for Years, Will Be Sentenced Tomorrow

In 2011, the notorious death-threat-spewing, non-sensical-phrasing, email/Twitter spammer Dennis Markuze (a.k.a. David Mabus) was finally arrested. (Skeptic Tim Farley brilliantly documented all the drama.)

Markuze pled guilty to making the threats, spent months in drug/alcohol rehab, and received a suspended sentence of 18 months, during which he had to refrain from “participating in a social network, blog and discussion forum.”

And then, in November of 2012, Mabus was arrested again for violating those terms.

Last May, the 43-year-old once again pled guilty in a Montreal courthouse, with his lawyer attributing his behavior to drug and alcohol abuse, adding that Markuze was also being treated for delusional disorder. It didn’t help that when Markuze was arrested, he told the officer, “You bitch. The same thing will happen to you like what happened to the [World Trade Center] twin towers in 9/11.”

His sentencing will take place tomorrow and the Montreal Gazette says that Markuze no longer believes he’s guilty of the crimes he admitted to in the past:

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