Tennessee Sheriff Dismisses “In God We Trust” Complaint with One-Word Response

With all the “In God We Trust” stickers being place on vehicles belonging to police departments and sheriff’s offices across the country, it’s inevitable that groups like the Freedom From Religion Foundation would push back and remind government officials that, even if they claim to love the national motto, this is just pushing religion onto their communities.

The other day, I pointed out that one police chief responded to FFRF with a message ending with the suggestion to “go fly a kite.”

Turns out that’s neither the shortest nor most immature response.

In Lexington, Tennessee, Henderson County Sheriff Brian Duke responded to FFRF with just two letters.

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The People of Roseburg Don’t Need Your Prayers; They Need Better Laws

I posted this cartoon by James MacLeod back in July but it seems all too appropriate today.

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Tennessee Lt. Governor Tells “Serious” Christians to Arm Themselves After UCC Shooting

Even though there’s no solid evidence that yesterday’s shooting at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College was directed at Christians, that’s not stopping Tennessee Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey from assuming this was a religiously motivated crime.

On Facebook today, Ramsey told his followers that Christians are under attack and “serious” believers needed to arm themselves:

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The Vatican is Doing Damage Control Over the Pope’s Meeting with Kim Davis

In a story that threatened to undo much of the goodwill earned by Pope Francis during his recent trip to the U.S., we found out this week that he had a private meeting with Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis before he left.

But what does that mean?

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Christian Pastor: “Sex Belongs to Christians”

Christian educator John Piper is no stranger to making offensive, opportunistic statements. When the Sandy Hook shootings happened, he called it a “warning” from God to turn to Christ.

His latest idiotic statement? Sex belongs to Christians. Which, I guess, means all of us are doing it wrong. Literally.

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