Why Did This Mother Convert from Sikhism to Christianity?

True story: My mom is planning a baby shower for my wife, and it may involve a Hindu priest.

I don’t actually care — if she wants to handle the bulk of the planning, we can have it at a local Scientology center for all I care — but it is a little strange since our family was never Hindu to begin with. For my mom, the principle seems to be that any religion will do, and Hinduism overlaps enough with Jainism that no attendees will care. (This is the same mother who believes in a capital-G God even though Jainism doesn’t teach that one exists.)

So I completely get where Nirpal Dhaliwal is coming from in an essay he wrote for The Guardian. He talks about his Sikh mother who really wasn’t well-versed in theology:

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Creationist Group Still Says Kentucky Officials Discriminated Against Them Though the Facts Say Otherwise

I know Answers in Genesis (the group behind the Creation Museum) is dedicated to denying reality, but it’s still surprising when its leaders play up that ignorance beyond science. In case you need a reminder, they were recruiting employees for their for-profit “Ark Encounter” theme park who were required to sign a statement of faith. In other words, there was a “No Jews Allowed” stamp right on the applications.

For that reason, state officials rescinded a tax break worth up to $18 million.

It’s been nearly a year, and the Creationists still don’t understand what they did wrong.

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The Beauty (?) of the Christian Message

If this is the Good News, I don’t want to hear the bad news.

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Following Deaths of Bangladeshi Atheist Bloggers, Silence is Not an Option

Faraz Talat, writing for the Express Tribune in Pakistan, has a message in support of the Bangladeshi atheists whose lives are in danger — and really goes after liberals who refuse to condemn or speak out against the murders:

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NFL Star Arian Foster Has Come Out as an Atheist

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses NFL star Arian Foster coming out as an atheist.

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