A Reddit Team Forms for the Light the Night Challenge

Denny Crane was one of the co-organizers of the Reddit Atheism fundraisers for Doctors Without Borders (which raised over $200,000). Since that time, the r/atheism community has grown by over 900,000 people. The question is whether we can mobilize a good chunk of them. Now, Denny is helping create a “virtual” Light the Night team [Read More...]

Update on the Young Atheists Book

Remember how my plan was to write the book over the summer? Well, I wrote about 90% of it over the summer and I figured I could fix up the rest of it after the school year began. I didn’t realize that once I got back into the classroom, it would be *really* hard to [Read More...]

A Donation for Every Inaccuracy in a Creation Museum

How do you take something excruciating and turn it into something worthwhile? The Long Beach General Geekery Meetup members are going to visit the Creation & Earth “History” “Museum” in San Diego (yep, they have one) in late October. But they have a plan to offset their inevitable WTF reactions: For every “violation of objective [Read More...]

Are You Registered to Vote?

If not, fix that now. And then vote for the Democrats. [Read more...]

An Atheist Social Worker Puts Together a Mental Health Forum

Spencer Troxell is an atheist social worker at a homeless shelter in Ohio and he’s put together a mental health forum for victims of mental illness and their families. It takes place this October and I’m thrilled to promote it: [Read more...]