15-Year-Old Syrian Boy Executed for Committing Blasphemy

15-year-old Mohammad Qataa did nothing wrong.

He was selling coffee in the city of Aleppo recently when he got into an argument and supposedly said the following:

“Even if the Prophet Mohammad comes down [from heaven], I will not become a believer.”

That was enough for an “Al Qaeda-linked Islamist group” to find him and kill him yesterday:

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Support the Kelowna Secular Sobriety Group

If you don’t want to be part of Alcoholics Anonymous because you don’t want to give yourself to a “higher power,” there are alternatives, but none in the city of Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada).

That’s why a group of people are trying to start the Kelowna Secular Sobriety Group:

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The Man Who Could Be Virginia’s Next Lt. Governor Thinks Evolution is a Lie and Sin Leads to Birth Defects

You would think that the Republican ticket in the race to become Virginia’s next governor was made crazy by the presence of Ken Cuccinelli. But Bishop E.W. Jackson, who’s running for Lt. Governor, may be even wackier.

We already know Jackson thinks the Democratic Party is a “Coalition of the Godless.” As we dig more into his past, we’re finding out Jackson is full of Christianity-based crazy.

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Amarillo Globe-News Publishes Awful Editorial on American Atheists’ Monument in Florida

The editorial writers at the Amarillo Globe-News have no understanding of the law, but that didn’t stop them from ranting against American Atheists for putting up a monument in front of the Bradford County Courthouse in Florida.

Quick backstory: A Christian group put up a Ten Commandments monument in front of the courthouse (below) and county officials had to choose whether to remove it or allow monuments from other groups. They chose the latter, probably assuming no one would want to put up a monument, but American Atheists called their bluff. Later this month, they’ll unveil a bench (near the Christian monument) featuring Bible verses that talk about the punishments for violating the Ten Commandments, quotations against religion, and statements in support of separation of church and state:

The AGN editor writers don’t seem to understand why American Atheists would want to do this:

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Today is Pulpit Freedom Sunday, When Christian Pastors Dare the IRS to Revoke Their Tax-Exemption

The biggest IRS scandal is the one virtually no one is talking about: How churches that pay no taxes in return for not endorsing political candidates are breaking those rules openly and receiving no punishment at all. (Some pastors even sent the IRS videos of their sermons.)

It happens on “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” — and today, more than 1,000 pastors are expected to participate. Since there’s no presidential candidate to endorse, they’re speaking about why the congregation should oppose marriage equality:

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