High School Football Players Who Don’t Understand the Law Defend Their Praying Head Coach

The other day, I posted about how the head football coach at Naperville Central High School in Illinois had been praying with his team:

The Freedom From Religion Foundation had sent a warning letter to the District. In response, Superintendent Dan Bridges promised that the coach didn’t (and wouldn’t) lead prayers. Which is a good start, but he also can’t participate in them. That’s an issue the District didn’t address, prompting a second letter from FFRF.

The story has since hit the local media and, of course, everyone’s siding with Coach Michael Stine because they don’t understand how laws work.

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Franklin (NC) Mayor Takes Oath of Office on Constitution Instead of Bible

Bob Scott, the new mayor of Franklin, North Carolina, made it a point to take his oath on a Constitution instead of a Bible. He told the American Humanist Association, of which he’s a member, that he made the decision because “there is so much controversy surrounding separation of church and state. I am a firm believer in keeping religion and government separate.”

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We All Owe Ben Carson an Apology

I guess he was right all along…

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Why We Should Stop Using the Word “Islamophobia”

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, explains why it makes sense to stop using the “Islamophobia”.

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Facing Punishment for “Insulting Islam,” Saudi Blogger Raif Badawi is on Hunger Strike, Says Wife

We thought there might be some hope for Saudi Arabian blogger Raif Badawi, who still awaited 950 lashes as part of punishment for “insulting Islam.” A couple of weeks ago, a Swiss official said Badawi may have been pardoned, though there was no independent confirmation of this.

Now, Badawi’s wife said the situation is much worse than we expected.

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