The Case Against Surveillance Cameras for Atheist Billboards

Last week, I talked about how better graphic design was unnecessary for atheist billboards. In short, I argued, the whole point of the billboards was to gain publicity for the local groups (so they could get on TV or in a newspaper article and talk about what their groups do and what they stand for), and the messages on the billboards were enough to get that publicity. No one ever cares about what the billboards look like… except, it seems, for atheists online, who think a billboard that looks ugly to them means X, Y, or Z.

Judging by the comments on that post, I’m not wrong. Sure, it’d be great to have nicer-looking billboards in some cases, but when it comes to getting the attention of the media, it’s just not needed. Atheist groups have been doing a great job of getting attention on their own.

So let’s talk about another aspect of atheist billboards: The fact that they get vandalized pretty damn frequently.

The response I hear so often is that we should pay for hidden camera to catch potential vandals in the act. With all the money we pay for the billboards, why not pay for some security, right? [Read more...]

Sean Faircloth: Sam Harris Ought to Reconsider His Stance on Guns

Sean Faircloth, Director of Strategy & Policy for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, has a response to Sam Harris when it comes to the issue of guns:

[Read more...]

‘Atheist Church’ in London Will Hold Its First Service This Weekend

British comedians Sanderson Jones and Pippa Evans are about to begin a free, once-a-month communal gathering for atheists called The Sunday Assembly.

Everyone else, as you might expect, is calling it an “Atheist Church”: [Read more...]

Christian Right Group Fears a Future Where the President Might be Muslim

In 2008, Focus on the Family released a list of all the horrible things that would happen by 2012 if Barack Obama was elected president.

In 2012, their predictions turned out to be just as far from reality as their religious beliefs.

The American Family Association appears to have learned a lesson from all this: When making predictions about the future of Christianity, say that they’ll happen 50 years from now! By then, everyone will forget how idiotic you were. [Read more...]

Even Skeptics Can Suffer from Self Delusion

You all might remember Bill Mutranowski from his wonderful website (a couple of my favorites are below)…

Bill has just released his first book — not about cartoons — in which he discusses how even the skeptic community suffers from outmoded thinking about our self: [Read more...]