Christians Can’t Avoid Taking a Stance on Homosexuality

You’ve seen this happen before: A pastor sits for an interview. He’s asked what he thinks about homosexuality. Not wanting to be lumped in with known bigots — the Falwells, Warrens, Driscolls, and the like — he says it’s not his position to judge. It may be a sin, but so are a lot of things.

But should gay marriage be legalized? Are civil unions acceptable? Do people choose to be gay? Can gay people be leaders in the church? Are gays and lesbians going to hell (assuming they act on their sexuality like everybody else)?

Dodge. Pivot. Change the subject.

Christian blogger Tony Jones had a conversation with a pastor recently and the topic came up. When Tony asked him some of those questions, the pastor was upset that he was being put in that awkward position — he said it wasn’t “his issue” so why bother asking him?

Tony’s response is exactly the right one (emphasis his):

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Oregon House Passes Bill Requiring Anti-Vaccination Parents to Get Educated About Vaccines First

Oregon law currently states that parents can refuse to have their children vaccinated for religious reasons (“Jesus hated vaccines!”) or medical reasons (“Dr. Jenny McCarthy said I shouldn’t get them!”).

Senate Democrats in the state can’t force everyone to get vaccinated against their will, so they’re at least trying to make it more difficult for parents to opt out of vaccinating their kids:

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After This Christian Valedictorian Began to Talk About Jesus, the School Correctly Shut Off His Microphone

A few days ago, I posted about Roy Costner, a Christian valedictorian who used his time addressing the audience at his graduation to say the Lord’s Prayer:

As far as the law goes, Costner’s actions were probably legal. He turned in a copy of his speech to the administrators. The administrators approved it. And when Costner went up on stage, he ripped up the prepared speech and did his own thing. You can’t blame the school for that.

My concern was that Christians may have found a loophole allowing them to pray at graduation. Sure, it would require them to lie to administrators first, but Christians have never really had a problem with lying for the Lord.

It’s not surprising that another student would take a similar approach and use the time onstage to talk about God, but one school district in Texas has found a brilliant way to respond.

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A Baptist Church’s Panel Discussion on the Evil of Homosexuality

It’s early in the morning and you’re not pissed off yet, so let’s fix that. Check out this panel discussion on the evils of homosexuality in response to Minnesota’s recent legalizing of same-sex marriage:

The panel, which took place last Sunday at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, features Pastor Jason Meyer, John Helmberger (of the Minnesota Family Council), and Joe Rigney (professor at Bethlehem College and Seminary). It’s moderated by Minister Sam Crabtree.

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A Trailer for the ‘Hug An Atheist’ Documentary

Sylvia Broeckx is a filmmaker working on a documentary called “Hug An Atheist” about what atheists have to deal with in America and how we’re not as horrible as pastors make us out to be.

Since it’s Hug An Atheist Day, it seemed like an appropriate time to release a teaser for the film (See if you can spot me in it):

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