Atheists Win Lawsuit Against Arkansas County That Erected Nativity Scene Outside Courthouse

This was the scene in front of the Baxter County Courthouse in Mountain Home, Arkansas in 2013:

It’s a giant Nativity display, with what appears to be Santa Claus and a Christmas tree thrown in for good measure.

By now, we all know the rules for how this works: You can’t *just* promote Christianity with your holiday displays on government property. Either other groups can put up displays or no one gets to. And that’s exactly what the Appignani Humanist Legal Center said to County Judge Mickey Pendergrass in a letter:

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After School Assignment Involved Drawing Muhammad, a Superintendent Came Up with an Awful Solution

Here’s a horrible homework assignment for a seventh grade history class:

The worksheet, Vocabulary Pictures: The Rise of Islam, listed words such as Quran, Mecca, Bedouins and Muhammad with spaces for students to draw pictures or images related to those words.

So… it was an assignment that basically told kids to draw Muhammad. (It’s not even a good assignment. Drawing images associated with Islam? That’s almost entirely busy work with no substantive value.)

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Pastor Steven Furtick Won’t Tell You How Much He Makes Because Jesus Said Not To

Pastor Steven Furtick is the evangelical megachurch pastor who runs Elevation Church in North Carolina, a place that draws in nearly 20,000 attendees and takes in about $500,000 each weekend. He’s been in the news before for his shady financial dealings and fake “spontaneous” baptisms, so it’s natural that people want to know how his church manages all that money. How much of it goes to the pastor himself?

He finally responded in an interview this week… by saying he would never answer that question because Jesus told him to keep his mouth shut.

Speaking with WCCB News @ Ten’s Morgan Fogarty, Furtick deflected a question about his extravagant lifestyle by saying he would keep his mouth shut:

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After Atheist’s Invocation, Lake Worth (Florida) Officials Will Illegally Offer Their Own Prayers

Last December, atheist activist Preston Smith delivered an invocation at a Lake Worth (Florida) City Commission meeting.

Not only did four of the five commissioners walk out before he had said a single word, Smith represented what could happen when the door for invocations is wide open thanks to Christians wanting to pray at government meetings.

His speech referenced a number of religions and gods:

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Pat Robertson Says Viewer Can Invite Atheists to Wedding, but She Should Beware Their Satanic Ways

On yesterday’s episode of The 700 Club, a viewer asked Pat Robertson whether she should invite certain atheist family members to her Christian wedding.

Robertson said she should invite them… but offered a strange caveat.

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