She Lost Her Newborn Daughter, but Please Don’t Comfort Her with Religion

Priscilla Blossom lost her daughter a mere 8 hours after birth. It’s a possibility that’s frightening for me on a personal level and I know many of you have had to deal with it in your own lives. As she and her husband dealt with their grief, what made things even worse were all the religious friends and family members who used religious language to comfort her:

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 78: David Williamson, Secular Invocation Activist

Our latest podcast guest is David Williamson, founder and President of the Central Florida Freethought Community.

His group has been leading the way when it comes to getting atheists to give invocations at local government meetings.

I spoke with David about why secular invocations are so valuable, step by step instructions on what local activists can do to get on these invocation lists, and what atheists should say if they get the opportunity to speak in front of government officials.

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Christian Leader Says Atheists Are Actively Suppressing God’s Truth: Is That a Kind of Bigotry?

Greg Koukl, a Christian apologist, made a video recently in which he said God’s existence is obvious and atheists are just trying to suppress the truth. He compared us to people trying to hide a beach ball underwater — it’s trying to come up and we’re doing everything we can to hold it back. (He’s wrong, of course. Atheists say there’s no beach ball at all. We’re not fighting the truth; we believe in a very different truth altogether.)

Koukl’s comments are indicative of someone who’s never talked to an atheist before.

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Church Gives County Officials $2,000 to Thank Them for Promoting Christian Prayers at Meetings

If you needed evidence that government praying is all about promoting Christianity, just look at what’s happening in Pittsylvania County in Virginia.

A full recap is here but a quick summary will work: In 2012, the county’s Board of Supervisors began each meeting with a prayer to Jesus Christ. And it wasn’t citizens saying the prayers, but the Supervisors themselves, which clearly violated the law.

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What is Wrong with the GOP That Dr. Ben Carson is His Party’s Current Frontrunner?

What’s shocking about Chuck Todd‘s interview this morning with GOP Presidential frontrunner Dr. Ben Carson is not that Carson compared abortion to slavery, or wants to prevent women from having access to abortions, or said all sane people should have access to any weapon they can get their hands on, or defended his comment about how the Holocaust could have been prevented if Jews had guns.

It’s that he’s said all of this before and yet there are still people in this country who think he’s qualified to be the President.

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