After Having Previous Invitation Rescinded, Atheist Ireland Leader Will Soon Speak at Catholic School

Last week, Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland was supposed to speak to students at an all-girls Catholic school as part of a program to expose the students to a different perspective. The school had invited a Muslim speaker earlier in the year, so this talk was going to be along those lines.

But Nugent’s invitation was rescinded at the last second. School officials said they did “not wish to cultivate non-religious belief.” As if a short lecture and Q&A session was enough to undo years of Catholic schooling.

At least there’s some good news. Nugent says the school has invited him back:

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Egyptian TV Host Laments “Unfortunate” Truth That Atheists Exist, but Her Guest Pushes Back

On Egypt’s Al-Assema TV last week, host Rania Mahmoud Yassin was going to moderate a conversation about religion between human rights activist Ahmed Harqan and another guest… but after the introducing the segment by mentioning the “unfortunate” truth that there were atheists in the country, Harqan took her to task for her bias, leading to a shouting match between the two over whether or not the existence of atheists was a bad thing:

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Comedian John Mulaney Found Out They Stopped Saying “And Also With You” in the Catholic Church

Comedian John Mulaney visited a Catholic Church again after a long hiatus, only to discover that things had changed

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Seth Meyers Takes a Closer Look at Dr. Ben Carson’s Foolish Statements

Last night, Seth Meyers broke down the gaffe-machine that is Dr. Ben Carson:

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Former Atheist Group Leader is Now Chair of the Bangor (Maine) City Council

Brace yourself: I’m about to talk about a city council… but the news is good!

Sean Faircloth, who used to head up the Secular Coalition for America, was recently appointed chairman of the Bangor (Maine) City Council. He was elected to the council last year and was just selected by his peers for the chairmanship:

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