A Slight Change in Australia’s Census Could Lead to Major Change in Religious Demographics

In 2011, the last time Australia conducted its census, this is the way researchers asked people about their religion:

“No religion” is waaaaay at the bottom of the list, under the giant “Other” section, where it’s possible many people didn’t even see it.

That’s about to change.

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Standard & Poor’s Creates “Catholic Value Index” That Ignores the Pope’s Own Guidelines

Inspired by its Global Investable Shariah Index, designed to offer Muslim investors a set of Shariah-compliant investment solutions, financial services company Standard & Poor’s announced the creation of the first Catholics Values Index last week.

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India’s Census Reveals 2.87 Million People Who Are Non-Religious

India just got around to releasing the results from its 2011 census, one that included a “non-faith” category for the first time ever, and we can attach a number to the group:

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Following Public Backlash, Catholic School Rescinds Anti-Gay Hiring Policy

Just yesterday, I posted about how St. Mary’s Academy in Portland, Oregon rescinded a job offer from Lauren Brown (below) because she happened to be gay. That, despite her impeccable credentials and willingness to take a pay cut from her previous job.

What made the story even more disturbing than usual was that school officials offered to give Brown a year’s salary with benefits if she promised not to go to the press with this story.

She declined the money, went to the press, and the school is now dealing with all the backlash they hoped to avoid.

But the school may finally be doing the right thing. Late last night, St. Mary’s issued a statement saying they were going to add sexual orientation to their “equal employment opportunity policy.”

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Asked if He’s an Old Testament or New Testament Guy, Donald Trump Responds “Probably Equal”

Here’s my not-very-surprising theory on Donald Trump‘s faith: Trump doesn’t care about religion. Not in a good way. Not in a church/state separation sort of way. Not because he’s thought about it and come to any meaningful decision on the matter. He just doesn’t think about it, period. As usual, he says whatever people want to hear.

That means he has to use the right buzzwords, referring to the Bible whenever possible and mentioning Jesus often.

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