Pat Robertson Laments the “Organized Thrust” of Gay People Who Want to “Stick It” to Christians

I’ve said too much already…

On The 700 Club yesterday, Robertson complained about how Christians are being persecuted… which is silly enough on its own. But then it got progressively worse as Robertson made it sound like gays and lesbians were out to recruit new homosexuals:

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Despite Atheist Politician’s Bill, Nebraskans Suspend Death Penalty Ban and Could Overturn It

Back in May, legislators in Nebraska did something incredible: they voted to repeal the death penalty in the state. (They had just enough votes to override Governor Pete Ricketts‘ veto.)

The Omaha World-Herald called it a “crowning achievement” for State Senator Ernie Chambers who introduced the bill in January even though it had gone nowhere the 37 previous times he proposed it.

Chambers (below) also happens to be the highest-ranking openly-atheist politician in the country.

Despite the victory, the blood lust in the state is strong. A petition has signed by enough people to suspend the law for now and put the death penalty back up for a vote in next November’s elections. In other words, Chambers’ accomplishment could soon be overturned. It also raises a number of questions:

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Texas Legislator Laments Infusion of Religion into Politics in Her State

It’s finally happened.

We found one.

A politician in Texas who opposes the infusion of religion into politics.


State Rep. Donna Howard explains her concerns with her colleagues who think the government is just an extension of their church:

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Bill Nye Explains Five Things You Must Know About Climate Change

Bill Nye, in one minute, teaches us five things we need to know about climate change:

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Louisiana District Attorney Uses Bible in Court to Justify Death Penalty Against Defendant

In 2012, Rodricus Crawford was convicted of killing his one-year-old son, Roderius. There’s been a lot written in Crawford’s defense — he may very well be innocent — but that hasn’t stopped Caddo District Attorney Dale Cox (below) from seeking the death penalty against him.

I’m going to skip over the facts of the case and focus on how it was argued. Cox defended his push for the death penalty by quoting the Bible in court, as if we’re guided by the Christian holy book in this country instead of the Constitution:

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