Here’s the Religious Test for Syrian Refugees Who Want to Prove They’re Christians

Now that Republicans like Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz have said they would only allow Christian refugees from Syria to enter the country, Dru Johnston at Funny or Die gives us a glimpse of the new religious test that the GOP will put in place:

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Omniscience Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

We’re told that God is “all-knowing”… but how does that play out in real life?

Mr. Deity shows us why that trait would be annoying as hell.

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Virginian Asks Politician to Expand Medicaid with the Same Language He’s Using to Ban Syrian Refugees

Virginia is one of a handful of states that hasn’t refused Syrian refugees and we can thank Governor Terry McAuliffe for that. But his decision hasn’t been without pushback.

State Senator Bill Carrico (below) is one of the Republicans in the state asking McAuliffe to reconsider his decision. Carrico has a history of putting his beliefs ahead of the law, previously pushing through an unnecessary student prayer bill as well as legislation allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against gay parents. He’s also opposed to Medicaid expansion that could provide care to approximately 400,000 residents in the state. Because that’s what Christ would do.

But his letter to the Governor urging him to ban Syrian refugees is a new low.

Now, Matt Skeens, a resident of Virginia, has written a letter to Carrico urging him to reconsider his Medicaid opposition using the exact same language that Carrico used in his letter to McAuliffe. I’ve bold-faced the parts that match up verbatim.

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Christian Cross Structure in La Crescent (MN) Will Finally Move to Private Property

The city of La Crescent, Minnesota has this dual cross/star structure sitting on government property. On Christmas, they light up the star. On Easter, they light up the cross. How do they get away with that promotion of Christianity?

Simple. No one ever called them out on it… until this past summer.

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Irish School Finally Agrees to Let Student Opt Out of Religious Education Class

It won’t surprise you that religion is baked right into schools in Ireland — religious education is a mandatory subject and there’s a special emphasis on Christianity:

The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment says Religious Education for the Junior Certificate allows pupils to “explore how many religions, particularly Christian religions, have shaped the Ireland you live in today” and that at least one of the major world religions will be studied in detail as well as “how different communities of faith organise themselves”.

I’m all for religious education, since it’s important to understand one of the primary motivators for so much conflict in the world, but there’s a difference between education and promotion that’s lost in many of these schools.

Paul Drury, a non-religious parent, has been fighting Castletroy College in Limerick to let them exempt his daughter from taking those classes. Until this week, the school insisted she remain enrolled because it was an all-inclusive course required for graduation. It’s a weird position for the school to take since the Irish Constitution says parents may opt their children out of any classes they deem contrary to their conscience.

School officials finally came to their senses Monday night:

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