And Joseph Begat Mr. Rogers and Mr. Rogers Begat Elmo…

The article starts out pretty typical… [Ezekiel] Stoddard said he was motivated to become a minister after God spoke to him in a dream and told him to read Psalm 23. “God gave me that particular scripture because a lot of people, they try to draw you away from the lord, trying to get you [Read More...]

Congressman Al Green: ‘Why Not Have a Hearing on the Radicalization of Christians?’

The House of Representatives held a hearing on Wednesday regarding “The American Muslim Response to Hearings on Radicalization within their Community.” It’s basically a witch-hunt against Muslims, suggesting there are many radicals out there hell-bent on destroying America and they have the support of the wider Muslim community. Of course, we know there are terrorists [Read More...]

Herb Silverman Profiled in Tablet Magazine

There’s a glowing profile of Secular Coalition for America founder Herb Silverman at Tablet Magazine. He’s the author of the just-released book Candidate Without a Prayer, which (among other things) documents the time he ran for Governor of South Carolina: In 1989, Silverman learned that the South Carolina Constitution prohibited anyone who ‚Äúdenied the existence [Read More...]

The Bus Monitor Got Bullied by Those Kids Because We Took Prayer Out of Public School

Have you seen that awful video of bus monitor Karen Klein being mercilessly mocked by a group of middle school thugs? Karen Gushta of Truth in Action Ministries knows why that bullying occurred: Because those kids didn’t have enough Jesus in their lives: [Gushta] believes this cultural demise began when prayer was taken out of [Read More...]

Why Won’t the IRS Crack Down on Churches That Endorse Political Candidates?

We know churches are tax-exempt. To the tune of $71,000,000,000 nationally. That exemption is contingent in part on the fact that they stay out of politics. They’re not allowed to endorse candidates. So what happens when a pastor tells his congregation to vote for Mitt Romney? What happens when many, many, many pastors do it [Read More...]