Humanist Group Challenges “Prayer Requests” Board in Mississippi Middle School Classroom

It wouldn’t be surprising to see a wall of “prayer requests” like the one below at a local church:

But let’s admit this has no place in a public school.

The American Humanist Association’s Appignani Humanist Legal Center says the board in the picture exists in a classroom at Oak Grove Middle School in Purvis, Mississippi.

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John Oliver Explains How LGBT Discrimination is Still a Major Problem at the State Level

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver spent half the show talking about how, even with marriage equality, there is still a lot of legal discrimination against LGBT people happening at the state level:

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This is the Horrifying Way Atheist Blogger Niloy Neel Was Killed in Bangladesh

Earlier this month, 40-year-old Niloy Chatterjee (who wrote under the name Niloy Neel) became the fourth atheist blogger this year to be killed in Bangladesh.

We knew the basics of how he died. Several assassins burst into his home and practically decapitated him. But we didn’t know the details. We didn’t know what Neel was doing in the moments before his death. We didn’t know his wife watched it all unfold, unable to stop it.

The Globe and Mail spoke with Neel’s wife, Asa Moni, and they’ve published the very-graphic and highly-disturbing details of what went down. It’s not for the faint of heart.

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Christian Preacher’s Sign Calls Out “Fecal Feasters,” “Genitalia Gawkers,” and Many More

Brother Jed Smock, the Christian preacher who has yelled at fornicators and homosexuals at college campuses across the country, finally has a new sign:

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We Could Use Some of That “Good News” Everyone Keeps Talking About!

(via The New Yorker)

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