After Preacher’s Pro-LGBT Sermon Goes Viral, Church Does Damage Control So No One Thinks They Support Gay Rights

Last week, I posted a speech by Pastor Dewey Smith about the hypocrisy of those in the Christian church who condemn homosexuality while ignoring their own “sins.” I thought it was a pretty refreshing speech, even if Smith made clear that homosexuality was still a sin.

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28 Questions for Christians Who Still Oppose Gay Marriage

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses questions for Christians who still oppose gay marriage.

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To Stop Women from Getting Birth Control, Wheaton College Won’t Offer Students Any Health Insurance At All

Wheaton College, an evangelical Christian school in Illinois, already had a pretty nice exemption when it came to the ObamaCare mandate to offer emergency contraception to employees and students. Since they didn’t want to provide it, because Jesus hates birth control, all they had to do was fill out a form for their insurance provider saying as much, and the insurance provider would have to cover it instead. Problem solved, right?

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Another Snake-Handling Christian Dies After Snakebite (and Refusing Medical Help)

In February of 2014, Pastor Jamie Coots of the snake-handling “Full Gospel Tabernacle in Jesus Name” church in Middlesboro, Kentucky (and one of the stars of the show “Snake Salvation“) died from a snakebite. It’s possible he was merely injured from the snakebite and what tipped him over the edge was a million people saying “I told you so.”

And now it’s happened again with another Kentucky-based snake-handling church-goer:

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After 14 Months of Waiting, Atheist Delivers Invocation Address at Orange County Budget Meeting

Earlier this month, an atheist finally delivered an invocation address before a meeting of the Orange County (FL) Board of County Commissioners.

Sure, it took place at a Budget Workshop.

Sure, it happened after 14 months of trying.

Sure, it probably had something to do with the fact that he used to be a senior Orange County employee… But still! Go Warren Geltch!

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