An Ohio School District Was Ready to “Sell” Property to a Local Church for $1… Until an Atheist Offered to Buy It

Last week, I posted about a high school that’s no longer in use in Monroe, Ohio. The building, which sits on 29 acres of land, is in complete disarray, but treating it for asbestos and demolishing it would require more than $1,000,000 that the Monroe Local School District Board of Education doesn’t want to spend.

The board had the options of selling the building to the city (for much less than it’s worth), demolishing the building, or selling it to the Monroe First Church of God for (literally) a buck.

And they were leaning toward that last option, possibly because board member Tim Carpenter (below) is a member of that church…

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Kentucky High School’s Football Road Trip Included Watching an Assistant Coach Get Baptized

Last month, Kentucky’s Frankfort High School football team took a weeklong trip to Florida for a “Fall Break Football Tour.” That’s all well and good, I guess, but something weird happening on October 2.

According to their itinerary, the students had a workout on the beach at 7:00a. But the team’s Facebook page had something very different posted on it later that day:

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Jehovah’s Witness Leader Claims There’s More Evidence for Jesus’ Kingdom Than Gravity, Electricity, and Wind

According to Jehovah’s Witnesses, 1914 marks the year Jesus came into power as “God’s heavenly King.”

1914. They’re celebrating 100 years of Jesus’ reign as we speak.

What… are you skeptical?

Don’t worry. Governing Body member Stephen Lett, who you saw last month when he helped launch the JW’s online television network, explains in the video below that the proof for this is irrefutable:

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Daniel Moran, Atheist Running for a Seat in the Texas House, Has Lost His Race

Daniel Moran, the openly atheist Democratic candidate for Texas’ House District 63, has lost his race.

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Peter Palumbo, Who Called Jessica Ahlquist an “Evil Little Thing,” Loses Re-Election Bid

In January of 2012, just days after Jessica Ahlquist won her lawsuit to take down a religious mural from Cranston High School West, Rhode Island State Rep. Peter Palumbo went on the John DePetro radio show and famously called her an “evil little thing,” quickly adding that even if she wasn’t evil, she was being “coerced” into fighting her lawsuit by evil people.

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