Was It Fair for a Student-Run Campus Newspaper to Reject Ads from Creationist Groups?

In order to promote a Creationist conference that was held at Boise State University last weekend, three organizations approached the student newspaper on campus, The Arbiter, in order to purchase advertising.

Creation Summit Inc., the Northwest Science Museum, and Engage Truth were willing to pay whatever the price was… but the students running the newspaper rejected the ads:

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It’s Not Disrespectful to Remain Seated During the Pledge of Allegiance

How many teachers and administrators still don’t understand how the Pledge of Allegiance works?

No student has to say it or stand up for it, and not participating in the ritual doesn’t make you unpatriotic or disrespectful. And yet the stories of schools where kids get punished by ignorant teachers are all over the place.

These cases are all in my inbox today:

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There Has to Be a Big-Name Pastor in Dallas Willing to Speak to a Large Group of Atheists

Apostacon is happening this weekend in Dallas, Texas, and in addition to Penn & Teller and other atheist speakers, the organizers thought it would be interested to have a public conversation on stage between Neil Carter (my Patheos colleague from Mississippi who used to be a Southern Baptist before shedding his faith) and a local religious leader.

Remember: This is Dallas. You can’t walk across the street without bumping into a religious leader. And many of them are known far beyond their congregations.

Late last night, they sent an email to First Baptist Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress, a man so conservative, American Atheists once quoted him in a billboard:

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An Open Letter to the Kid Wearing a Creationist T-shirt in the Science Museum

One of life’s little joys as an atheist is free admission day at the science museum, so of course I was there with a few other friends.

I couldn’t help but notice your T-shirt:

I believe in the Big Bang. God spoke, and BANG, it happened!

I know you’re hoping to witness to people like me.

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Instead of Saying Yes to Twerking Satanist, Florida Commissioners Drop Invocations Altogether

The Coral Springs (FL) City Commission has ended invocations at their meetings, all because Chaz Stevens, a Satanist, asked to participate.

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