Why Can’t This Atheist Accept Her Husband’s Loss of Faith?

There’s an article in today’s New York Times by Colleen Oakley that’s supposed to be cute and lovey-dovey… yet it made me angrier the more I read. Here’s the summary: She’s not religious. Her husband is. She never knew that until they were planning their wedding and he asked that the Lord’s Prayer be included [Read More...]

Alabama High School JROTC Instructor Makes Anti-gay Comments; District Officials Look the Other Way

There’s an ongoing battle going on in Huntsville, Alabama because a JROTC instructor at Grissom High School, Sgt. Lynn Vanzandt, was preaching to students in the classroom: Here’s what went down back in April, according to James Robinson, executive director of GLBT Advocacy & Youth Services: Robinson said the incident began with a simple conversation [Read More...]

The Man Who Could Have Been Pope: ‘The Church is 200 Years Out of Date’

Socially liberal Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini could have been Pope (he was passed over for Joseph Ratzinger). He died a couple of days ago and his final interview was a well-deserved condemnation of Catholic Church practices: “Our culture has aged, our churches are big and empty and the church bureaucracy rises up; our rituals and [Read More...]

Church Holds Garage Sale for Community… Gives Everything Away for Free

This falls under the category of “Things Christians Do That Atheists Need to Copy.” In Hampden, Maine, the Community Church of the Open Door held a garage sale… but instead of selling off goods, they just gave everything away to members of the community. Consider it a gesture of goodwill: Hundreds of items, donated by [Read More...]

Help a Nigerian Humanist Study Witch Camps

Leo Igwe is one of the good guys. He lives in Nigeria and he’s studying the “witch camps” of Northern Ghana. Basically, women who are accused of being witches are expelled from their villages — and if they’re not lynched, they may end up in these camps. But how do these camps operate? How are [Read More...]