Pastor Lashes Out at City Council Member for Saying Churches Shouldn’t Be Used as Polling Places

If you’ve ever voted, there’s a chance you may have done so at a local church. That’s not automatically a problem, but it easily could be if there are not-so-subtle messages there encouraging you to vote a certain way, like signs opposing abortion rights or gay marriage.

That’s why I appreciate what Janesville (Wisconsin) City Council member Sam Liebert (below) said at a recent meeting. He urged his colleagues to find a polling location that honored the notion of church/state separation.

That angered one local pastor, Rev. Michael Jackson (go ahead and get it out of your system now), who sent Liebert a nasty letter accusing him of persecuting Christians, adding that he’s “the one member of the council who should have been most sensitive to the issue of discrimination.” Because, you know, black people.

Liebert wasn’t having any of it:

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Is Christian YouTuber Sam Rader Fair Game in the Ashley Madison Hack?

Following the revelation that Josh Duggar had paid accounts at cheating website Ashley Madison, it turns out another well-known Christian has also been exposed.

Sam Rader and his wife Nia (above) are the telegenic Christian YouTubers who have made headlines lately for their viral pregnancy announcement, which was followed just days later by a miscarriage announcement (which makes you wonder if they’re just faking it for the hits).

But they’re unabashedly (and, depending on your perspective, annoyingly) Christian. They talk about it all the time.

Which may be why new reports are confirming that Sam Rader also had a paid account on Ashley Madison. His name, his city, his website, and his zip code are all linked together with a paid membership in the recently-hacked data.

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Chick-fil-A Doesn’t Follow This Airport’s “Rules,” but Christian Privilege Has Nothing To Do With It

If you own a restaurant or retail chain, then the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is a wonderful place to operate. There are lots of potential customers with plenty of down time and, as we all know from personal experience, you can charge about 2379423 times as much as you normally do.

So when Metropolitan Airports Commission made their pitch this week to business owners who may want one of the 50 available concession slots, they laid out the ground rules, one of which is that the shop must be open every day of the year. The airport doesn’t take a day off, so neither can they.

But Janet Moore of the Star Tribune points out the one exception to that rule: Chick-fil-A, the Christian-owned chain, doesn’t operate on Sundays. Even at the airport.

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After Decades of Prayer at Football Games, a Georgia School Will Try a Moment of Silence Instead

You won’t be surprised to learn that in Laurens County, Georgia, where the Sheriff’s Office had a religious poem on the website and a middle school teacher once told her students that President Obama is not a Christian and neither are their parents if they vote for him, there’s long been a problem with prayers at football games.

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Pat Robertson: Angels Communicate Telepathically in Heaven, So Knowing Multiple Languages Won’t Help

Your high school Spanish teacher lied to you: After you die, those foreign language skills will be useless! At least if you agree with Pat Robertson.

In response to a woman who claims to speak 26 languages and wants to know which ones will be useful in Heaven, Robertson said on The 700 Club that none of them will matter since the angels communicate through your mind:

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