When Amber Was Religious, She Fought a Preschool Prayer and Got Bullied by Christians… Now She’s an Atheist

In 2013, during a Texas preschool’s “graduation” ceremony, one of the teachers urged a student to say “In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Amber Barnhill (below) was a parent at that ceremony and was surprised by what she heard. She didn’t want to make a big deal out of it — it was probably just an innocent mistake, right? So she just had a chat with the teacher to let her know the problem:

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This Swingers Club Was Banned from Opening Near a Christian School… Until the Owners Rebranded It As a Church

Earlier this year, a swingers club wanted to open up right across from Goodpasture Christian School in Nashville, Tennessee. Not on purpose, of course, but because it was in a good location. It’s not like the two would have anything to do with each other.

Still, it wasn’t long before the local city council passed a zoning regulation that would ban the club from that particular area.

But the founders of “The Social Club” have figured out a loophole: They’ll just rebrand themselves as a church:

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The Rise of Christian Robots

The Daily Show‘s Jordan Klepper explores the future of Christianity.

It involves hipsters and robots. Or something like that.

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Jesus Has a New Superpower

I guess walking on water and turning water into wine was just a start!

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Michigan School District Finally Takes Action Against Proselytizing Substitute Teacher

Last week, I posted about a substitute teacher at Michigan’s Hart High School who couldn’t stop preaching the Bible instead of doing his job.

The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists (MACRA) sent a letter to the principal over this religious tract distributed to students by a substitute named Mr. Meersma:

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