If You Say You Don’t Need Proof Because God Only Speaks Truth…

I don’t know how I didn’t hear about him until now, but hip-hop artist Gabe Caruso‘s song “Gonna Have a Problem” is just awesome:

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Atheists in Southern Georgia Get Positive Press

The Albany Herald (Georgia) has a really positive article about the Albany Atheists and founder/President and Foxhole Atheist James Gillham:

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Anti-Gay Christian Leader: Jason Collins’ Twin Brother is Straight, so Homosexuality Must be a Choice

If your identical twin is gay, what’s the likelihood you’re also gay?

If the answer is 100%, then you could argue that genetics is the primary factor in determining one’s sexuality.

It’s not, of course. The studies that have been done on identical twins are far from conclusive and the few that have been done have found that if one twin is gay, the probability that the other twin is gay ranges from a high end of just over 50% to a low end of around 20% or even lower (to be fair, all of those studies have shortcomings worth discussing). The point is that, while genes appear to play a role in one’s homosexuality, the exact nature of how and how much is still something scientists are trying to figure out.

But that fact didn’t stop Micah Clark, Executive Director of the Indiana Family Institute, from making up his own conclusion in the wake of NBA player Jason Collins coming out:

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In What World is This Good Parenting Advice?

In one of his recent sermons, Pastor Mark Driscoll offered advice to fathers in part drawn from a book he wrote (PDF) a couple of years ago.

That book includes wonderful nuggets of wisdom like this one:

Furthermore, throughout proverbs (e.g., chapters 2, 5, and 7) the father also speaks very frankly to his son about hot women with necklines that plunge down to hell. Rather than encouraging porn, the wise father encourages his son who is not built for abstinence to get married young and enjoy his wife’s body. The wise father knows that the ultimate goal for his son is a faithful marriage, and so he encourages his son’s sexual desires toward marriage.

Don’t watch porn, son. If you want sex, just get married quickly. That’ll solve alllllll your sexual frustration problems.

Father of the year, right there.

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An Atheist Gets Interviewed in a Mississippi Church

Interview an Atheist at Church” Day is today, but one video is already up and it’s fantastic.

Neil Carter, who blogs at Godless in Dixie, was interviewed at the Meadowbrook Church of Christ in Jackson, Mississippi:

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