Defending Secularism in the 2012 Presidential Election: We Have a Long Way to Go

This is an article by Ed Buckner and Michael Buckner. It appears in the 2nd/3rd Quarter 2012 issue of American Atheist Magazine. American Atheist is available at Barnes & Noble and Book World bookstores in the US and Chapters Indigo bookstore in Canada. You can subscribe to the magazine by clicking here. Note: Footnotes/citations were [Read More...]

Dinner Party with the Gods

Love the Sagan noises: (via DarkMatter2525) [Read more...]

I’m Pretty Sure This Has Something to Do With Chicks…

(via Scenes from a Multiverse — Thanks to @cs_451 for the link!) [Read more...]

Why Atheists Handle Mental Health Issues Better Than the Religious

At the Secular Student Alliance 2012 Conference, Brendan Murphy gave a talk on “why atheism can handle mental health issues better and how the movement can improve to handle such situations.” This is a tough issue to talk about, but Brendan does a wonderful job of it. (And he put his slides online (PDF) so [Read More...]

Does Reddit Hurt Atheism?

Derek Miller, the incoming president of the Illini Secular Student Alliance, gave a fascinating presentation at the 2012 Secular Student Alliance conference on perceptions of atheists in society and how to change them. In short, we know atheists have a bad reputation and we know the Internet has been a blessing (you know what I [Read More...]