New Zealand Church Told to Stop Saying Prayers Have Healing Powers Because It’s Not Factual

Earlier this year, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God in New Zealand ran an advertisement promoting their Healing services:

When doctors and medicines are not enough.

For people who suffer with constant pain, deteriorating health, can’t work due to illness, incurable disease, doctors don’t know what’s wrong, dependent on pills, recovering from injury, weight problems, sick children.

The implication is clear: Prayer will help cure your “incurable” diseases! Just come to our healing sessions!

Mark Hanna, co-founder of the Society for Science Based Healthcare, saw that ad and knew full well that prayers didn’t solve any of those problems. More importantly, for the church to suggest otherwise appeared to him to be a case of false advertising. So he filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Authority, a self-regulated agency that is pretty effective at getting companies to remove or change their ads.

Yesterday, in a stunning display of common sense, the ASA said Hanna was absolutely right:

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Huntsville City Council Tells Wiccan He Can’t Give Invocation Prayer Because of “Community Fears”

A couple of years ago, before the Supreme Court ruled that sectarian invocation prayers were legal, the city of Huntsville, Alabama was threatened with a lawsuit for its overuse of Christian invocation-givers. In response, Huntsville City Council President Mark Russell (below) offered a possible solution and his colleague agreed:

A possible compromise, he said, is using a rotating roster of clergy from different faiths. Jewish, Muslim, Hindu and Baha’i leaders have delivered a few council invocations through the years, but Russell estimated that 90-95 percent of the prayers are Christian.

“I think we’ll continue to want to open our meeting with a prayer of some sort,” he said.

Councilman Will Culver said he agrees with the idea of an opening prayer that rotates among different faiths.

“That’s the only way to do it, in my opinion,” Culver said Friday. “Everybody should have an opportunity.”

As we know, that’s essentially the solution the Supreme Court went with: People of all faiths must be allowed to give the invocations, but the invocations aren’t going away.

Blake Kirk gave one of those invocations in Huntsville earlier this year and he was set to do it again last night… but his invitation was rescinded for the worst possible reason:

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A Lopsided Debate Over God’s Existence, Through the Eyes of the Loser

Earlier this month, Matt Dillahunty debated Christian Presuppositional apologist Sye Ten Bruggencate on the existence of God. Video of the debate went up days later and it was pretty clear — at least to me and everyone else who watched it — that Dillahunty won the debate hands down. (Are we biased? Maybe. Are we wrong? Not a chance.)


Bruggencate will soon release a film about the debate from his perspective. If the trailer’s any indication, it’s going to be *amazing*… I mean, he compares the debate to a boxing match between heavyweights (despite the fact that he got knocked out in the first round):

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Anti-Vaxxer and Flat-Earther Fired from The View

It was announced last night that Jenny McCarthy, who thinks vaccines cause autism, and Sherri Shepherd, who once questioned the shape of the Earth, were fired from The View:

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Campus Christian Group Fights for the Right to Discriminate

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses how a Christian group at Bowdoin College is fighting for the right to discriminate:

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