Kentucky School District Approves Student-Led Prayers at Football Games

The Bell County Board of Education in Kentucky used to allow ministers to deliver pre-game prayers over the loudspeaker at football games. But in 2011, faced with the threat of a lawsuit by the Freedom From Religion Foundation (and the fact that the Supreme Court declared those types of prayers illegal), they got rid of them.

Looks like they still haven’t learned their lesson.

At their meeting on Tuesday night, board members decided to approve student-led prayers over the loudspeakers at football games:

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Kansas Woman Says in Lawsuit She Was Fired by State Official for Not Going to Church

According to a lawsuit filed earlier this month, Courtney Canfield, a former staffer at the office of the Kansas Secretary of State, says she was illegally fired by Assistant Secretary Eric K. Rucker (below) because she didn’t attend church enough.

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Jesus Gets His Revenge in This New Game

Jesus was not happy about being crucified. Now he’s back… and he wants revenge.

That’s the premise of a new game by Raul Ando now available on Android:

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A Compilation of Penn Jillette’s Best Arguments and Comebacks

Here’s a compilation of Penn Jillette‘s best arguments and comebacks. I hadn’t seen the first segment before, but it’s fantastic.

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Josh Duggar Had a Paid Ashley Madison Account, Says Gawker

Gawker has come under fire recently for exposing the apparent same-sex affair of a mostly-unknown businessman.

The argument from critics was that if you’re going to ruin someone’s life for an affair, make sure it’s someone who deserves it. Like a politician or public figure who spends his time arguing against marriage equality.

That someone may be Josh Duggar, the former executive director of the Family Research Council, outspoken critic of marriage equality, and in-house (alleged) sexual abuser.

According to Gawker, Duggar had an account (Edit: make that two of them) on Ashley Madison, something that was revealed following the affair-supporting site’s hack.

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