Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 21: Conor Robinson, Creator of the Pathfinders Project

Our latest podcast guest is Conor Robinson, creator of the Pathfinders Project:

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Uri Geller: The iPhone 6 Bends Because of Your “Mind Powers”

We finally figured out why the iPhone 6 bends. It’s not Apple’s fault!

It’s the energy of our minds… says “psychic” Uri Geller, who finally figured out no one cares about his spoon trick anymore:

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Becoming an Atheist Has Health Benefits

We’ve all heard the studies that show religion is good for your health.

Among other things, church-goers have less stress, are less likely to smoke or drink, have more self-esteem, and have stronger social support. The problem with these results is that it’s not necessarily church itself (or belief in the supernatural) that’s the key — it’s just being part of a tight-knit community. An atheist group that meets regularly, in other words, may provide many of the same benefits.

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This Atheist’s Stage IV Lung Cancer Isn’t Causing Him to Rethink His Beliefs

This is a guest post written by Stuart Grief. For over 20 years, Stuart has worked with CEOs and senior leaders both as a consultant and c-suite executive.

About seven weeks ago, I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, a rare occurrence for a non-smoker and otherwise healthy person in his early 50s. Although I hope it is not the case, I can imagine some religious people wondering whether I was afflicted due to my disbelief in God. If that’s true, it’s hard to imagine a more petty and vengeful all-powerful God.

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Scenes from the Protest on Behalf of the Teenager Who “Violated” a Statue of Jesus

Over the weekend, American Atheists, the Pennsylvania Nonbelievers, and Truth Wins Out held a protest in Bedford County, Pennsylvania in defense of the teenager facing up to two years in prison on a desecration charge for taking a picture of a local Jesus statue giving him a mock-blowjob:

So what did the protest look like? A few pictures are below, but the video is more revealing. (An argument breaks out at the 8:00 mark and the arguments get more confrontation over the next several minutes.)

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