What It Means (and What It Doesn’t Mean) to Be an Atheist

Sarah Rocksdale, a YouTuber who normally makes beauty/fashion videos, stepped outside that world to give her fans a wonderful primer on why she’s an atheist and what exactly that means:

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When it Comes to Science Illiteracy, Even Dr. Ben Carson Can’t Save the GOP

Weeks after making a splash on the New Yorker‘s website commenting on the Kim Davis saga, physicist Lawrence Krauss is back with a blistering overview of Dr. Ben Carson‘s scientific sins.

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Police Chief to Atheist Group: “Go Fly a Kite”

A lot of police departments and sheriff’s offices have been emblazoning their vehicles with “In God We Trust” stickers lately, saying they just love America and are putting the national motto on the cars. Even though it’s all too obvious they’re just excited at finding a legal way to push religion in the community.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation has still sent letters to dozens of these departments requesting that sheriffs remove the stickers so that non-Christians and atheists aren’t made to feel excluded or unprotected.

At the Childress Police Department in Texas, Chief Adrian Garcia actually responded, telling FFRF to go “fly a kite”:

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What Dean Obeidallah Gets Wrong About Sam Harris

Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and other vocal critics of Islam have frequently been called bigots by those who say the atheists unfairly lump all Muslims together as extremists. Of course, anyone who actually listens to them knows that’s not the case. The atheists have acknowledged the importance of moderate Muslims in this conversation since they have more power to create change. But cherry-picking sound bites is what lazy critics do. They’re the ones who say Harris wants to “profile Muslims,” even though what he’s actually calling for is far more nuanced than that. They’re the ones who claim to know what’s in Harris’ heart and mind even when he’s right there to tell them otherwise.

The latest example of this was a conversation on CNN between Harris and comedian/commentator Dean Obeidallah, ostensibly about Ben Carson‘s statement that Muslims should not be President.

At one point (2:50), Harris brings up how Sharia Law dictates cutting off the hands of thieves and throwing gay people off of rooftops. Obeidallah interrupts to point out that the latter punishment isn’t in the Qur’an, as if Harris is making it all up:

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When Will Liberty Counsel Admit a Massive Kim Davis Rally in Peru Never Happened?

When Kim Davis was given an award at the Values Voter Summit this weekend, her attorney Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel mentioned that more than 100,000 people had shown up for a prayer rally in her honor in Peru. He showed an image that was tweeted out the day before by fellow conservative Matt Barber:

Just one problem with that: The prayer rally for Kim Davis never happened.

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