Ken Ham Criticizes Humanist Chaplain for Finding Meaning in Life without God

A few months ago, I had a long conversation with Bart Campolo, a former evangelical Christian and current Humanist chaplain. Our talk was both illuminating and emotional since we spent the bulk of it discussing death.

Now, in an extensive interview with Warren Cole Smith at World, Campolo is explaining how atheists, too, can find meaning in life. Smith asked: “What spiritual nurturing would someone who doesn’t believe in a spiritual life need?”

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Why Would a Math Teacher Punish a Child for Saying 5 x 3 = 15?

What’s 5 x 3?

How about 4 x 6?

You might think those are simple questions, but a third grader had points taken off on an exam recently after giving the answers 15 and 24, respectively.

“But those are the right answers,” you say. And a lot of people on Reddit would agree with you.

So what’s going on?

At first glance, the child seems to have done everything right.

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MythBusters Has Been Cancelled

After 14 seasons, it was announced this afternoon that MythBusters would finally be coming to an end.

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Toledo Mayoral Candidate Speaks in Tongues and Threatens Voters with God’s Wrath if She’s Not Elected

Someone at a local Toledo news station must have lost a bet since he had to interview the candidates running for mayor. All the candidates. Even the fringe ones.

And that meant interviewing Opal Covey, a self-described “prophetess” who… oh, does it really matter after I’ve said that?

Covey complained about how she totally won the election in 2013 — this is her fifth time running for mayor — but had it stolen from her. The best part about the interview, however, came at the end when the reporter asked her if she had anything else to say to voters.

She paused for a bit, then looked straight into the camera, spoke in tongues, and threatened voters with God’s wrath:

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Donald Trump: I Would “Absolutely” Close Down Mosques to Fight ISIS

Speaking with the Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney yesterday, Donald Trump said he would shut down mosques in the U.S. in order to combat ISIS.

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