10 More Quick Takes on the Jailing of Kim Davis

1) The woman who actually sits next to Kim Davis in this picture is not-at-all amused by the Twitter parody account @nexttokimdavis:

Her name is Melissa Thompson. She does, in fact, sit next to embattled Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis. And she’s not amused.

Thompson, a deputy clerk in Rowan County, said she’s seen the Twitter feed and doesn’t think it’s funny — “not with that language.” She declined to comment further.

This office’s holiday parties must be incredibly depressing…

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Hey, Ken Ham, Who Are These “Public School Missionaries”?

Answers in Genesis resident cartoonist Dan Lietha posted this yesterday.

It appears to suggest that Christian teachers at public schools are — or should be — proselytizing to students.

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An Ode to Kim Davis: “Shut Up and Do Your Motherf&%*ing Job”

Sandy and Richard Riccardi perform this lovely ode to Kim Davis called “Shut Up, and Do Your Motherf&%*ing Job”

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 71: Sarah Morehead, President of the Reason Rally Coalition

Our latest podcast guest is Sarah Morehead, President of the Reason Rally Coalition. We have the inside scoop on what will take place in 2016!

Morehead is also Executive Director of Recovering From Religion, the group that runs the Hotline Project and Secular Therapist Project. She was named American Atheists’ 2014 “Atheist of the Year.”

We spoke about what’s in store for the 2016 Reason Rally and how it’ll be different from the 2012 event as well as her work behind the scenes putting together Apostacon.

You can see the Reason Rally launch video right here:

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I’ll Be Speaking at Penn State on Wednesday

This Wednesday night, September 9, I’ll be speaking at Penn State University at the invitation of the Penn State Atheist/Agnostic Association.

If you’re on (or near) the University Park campus, please consider coming! It’s a free event and details can be found here.

Hope to see you there.

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