The Problems with Catholic Hospitals

The video below, part of The Atheist Voice series, discusses the problems with Catholic hospitals:

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To Solve Zambia’s Economic Woes, Its President Asked Nation to Pray and Fast

The nation of Zambia is in major economic trouble, with a collapsed currency, shortage of power, and food prices higher than ever.

But don’t worry. The government has figured out a way to fix the problem. On Saturday, President Edgar Lungu asked the nation to pray and fast:

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Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 77: Cathy Lynn Grossman, Journalist for Religion News Service

Our latest podcast guest is Cathy Lynn Grossman, a senior national correspondent for Religion News Service (a wire service for faith-based news).

Grossman often writes stories involving research and statistics. She also worked for more than two decades with USA Today.

I spoke with Grossman about the toughest story she’s ever written, what the Internet is doing to religion, and whether the amount of religion currently in politics is a new phenomenon.

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Religion Journalist Offers Lazy Criticism of Richard Dawkins

I’m not opposed to people criticizing Richard Dawkins when I feel it’s deserved. And I’ll be the first to admit he can be careless with his words on Twitter, when he doesn’t have the luxury of explaining himself the way he does in his books.

But this essay by Jacob Lupfer of Religion News Service makes little sense, and it starts right at the headline: “Why Richard Dawkins’ new book won’t win him many converts.”

Who knew that Dawkins’ autobiography was supposed to function like a sequel of The God Delusion?

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Republican Sen. David Vitter’s Former Mistress Claims He Told Her to Abort Their Love Child

Louisiana Senator David Vitter, the pro-life, anti-gay, family-values Republican who’s currently running for Governor of his state, may be a hypocrite.

I know, I know… that wouldn’t be news since Vitter was embroiled in a sex scandal several years ago… but now, the escort that he saw for three years is claiming that (1) they had a child together which she gave up for adoption, and (2) Vitter, after being told about the child, told her to get an abortion.

So much for him being pro-life.

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