The Secular Safe House: A Refuge for Those Coming Out of Religion

Troy Fitzgerald, who grew up in a religious cult and is now out and proud about his atheism and sexuality, has embarked on a neat project that could really help a lot of people: It’s called Secular Safe House and it’s designed to help those atheists and LGBT individuals who have been kicked out of their homes or just need someone to talk to:

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Is it Time to Move on from the New Atheism?

The New Humanist, in its Winter 2013 issue, asks the question “Is it Time to Move on from the New Atheism?”

Daily Telegraph editor Tom Chivers applauds the New Atheists — including Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Daniel Dennett — for starting a very important debate:

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Fox News Channel’s Faith Panel Debates Satanic Monument in Oklahoma

After a mistaken introduction in which Fox News Channel host Gretchen Carlson said it was atheists who wanted to put up a Satanic monument outside the Oklahoma Capitol building — she apologized for that on Twitter — her “faith panel” shared their thoughts on the recently-revealed Satanic monument design:

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All Last Week, This Comic Strip About a Black Family Poked Fun at Fundamentalist Christianity

Usually, a newspaper’s comic page isn’t my go-to place for stories about religion but there was a fascinating storyline last week in Ray Billingsley‘s “Curtis,” a strip about an African-American family.

The premise was that the “most religious woman in the world” was coming to babysit Curtis and his little brother Barry (you can see the full storyline here — a couple of the strips are below):

I’m not used to seeing (even fundamentalist) religion mocked with such ease in a comic strip, and I was especially surprised to see it happening in a strip revolving around a black family where church is usually as much a part of the culture as anything else.

I was really curious what led to this storyline and whether Billingsley got any negative pushback from readers. He was kind enough to respond to my questions via email.

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This May Be the Worst Argument Ever Made for Why You Should Believe in God

Tony, Tony Tony, what on earth were you thinking…?

Tony Jones, a progressive Christian blogger on Patheos, just wrote a post explaining why he’s a Christian. And instead of offering your standard run-of-the-mill, easily-refutable apologetics, he made what may be the worst argument ever for believing in God: Everyone else does it.

And he threw in some awfully ignorant remarks about atheists, too. Emphasis is his:

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