Angry Christian Protester Accosts Katy Perry’s Preacher Dad for Raising a “Wicked” Daughter

It’s common knowledge that singer Katy Perry, before becoming a pop star, was a gospel singer. It’s less well known that her parents are still preachers.

Keith Hudson, her dad, recently did an interview with a Christian radio station in Phoenix. As he left he studio, he was accosted by Christine Weick, the lady known for protesting outside a Luciferian Church and claiming that Monster energy drinks are the work of Satan.

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This Video on the “Nature of Science” Uses Every Creationist Fallacy You Can Imagine

In a new propaganda video from Answers in Genesis, the Creationist group explains the difference between “observational” and “historical” science, a false dichotomy that real scientists never use.

How do we know this is a video about science? Because this is one of the images you see in it:

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Joshua Feuerstein Forgot to Purchase

Not to worry, though. It’s in good hands.

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A Short Documentary About the Connection Between God and Guns

Christians have a strange obsession with guns. They’ve found biblical justification to arm themselves to the teeth and think they have a God-given right to blow someone’s head off if the need arises. Hell, they’ll do gun giveaways in churches.

Journeyman Pictures just posted a short documentary about “how religion and gun law intertwine in America”:

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Why See the Ugly When We Stand Before the Beautiful?

Nate Phelps, who escaped from the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church several years ago, narrates this beautiful video about how to see the beauty in life despite being raised to see the ugly:

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