Childhood Indoctrination: Religion’s Greatest Weapon

J.D. Brucker‘s new book Reason Over Faith: Antitheism & the Case Against Religion (Atheist Republic, 2015) covers a litany of faith-based abuses, from circumcision to social issues to climate change denial.

In the excerpt below, Brucker explains why childhood indoctrination is one of the most powerful weapons in religion’s arsenal:

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2015 Humanism at Work Conference Will Be Held in Boston

Foundation Beyond Belief will be holding its second annual conference on July 25 in Boston. The theme is #BlackLivesMatter and, unlike most atheist gatherings, the focus here is entirely on philanthropy, volunteering, and community building. It’s a refreshing change of pace.

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Oregon Bill Allowing Secular Celebrants to Solemnize Marriages Passes Through House Rules Committee

Oregon is currently one of those states that doesn’t allow atheists to solemnize marriages. Religious clergy or county clerks can do it, but not certified Secular Celebrants.

But legislators may soon fix that.

House Bill 3483, which was introduced by Rep. Mitch Greenlick and just passed through the Rules Committee yesterday, would amend existing law to allow a non-religious alternative.

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Lawyer Defending Creationist Theme Park Just Drafted Bill Giving Tax Breaks to Similar Attractions in Louisiana

We know that Creationist Ken Ham‘s Answers in Genesis is currently suing the state of Kentucky because he wrongly thinks his for-profit company can limit its hiring to Christians only. Earlier this year, he even posted a video that featured a lawyer defending his right to discriminate:

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Creationist Researchers Argue Over the Duration of the Great Flood: Did It Last 371 or 365 Days?

The last time we saw Creationists arguing with each other, it was over Adam & Eve’s skin color.

Now, in a new “research” paper published by Answers in Genesis, Dr. Danny Faulkner attempts to prove that the Great Flood wasn’t 371 days. Obviously. That would be ridiculous.

It’s really 365 days. Because science, y’all.

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