Louisiana School Offers LGBT Minor… So Catholic Bishop Complains

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette is the first school in the state to offer an LGBT minor. Why offer it? Assistant coordinator for the minor, Christina Newgebaver, explained it this way: “It will hopefully promote educated learning about LGBTs and not promote the stereotypes that are out there.” In a state where LGBT individuals [Read More...]

Hey, William Lane Craig, Atheists’ Numbers Are Increasing Rapidly

Christian apologist William Lane Craig is scared of the Secular Student Alliance. The SSA is growing fast — at a rate faster than the Campus Crusade for Christ (a.k.a. CRU) — and he’s taking notice. On a recent episode of his Reasonable Faith podcast called “Is Atheism Growing at the Expense of Theism?” Craig referenced [Read More...]

Announcing the Secular Coalition for Colorado!

A few months ago, Secular Coalition for America Executive Director Edwina Rogers embarked on an ambitious plan to launch affiliates in every state before the end of the year. We already have the Secular Coalition for Arizona and the Secular Coalition for Alabama. And today, they’re announcing the formation of the Secular Coalition for Colorado! [Read More...]

We Won’t Be Silent: Muslims Speak Out Against Thought-Policing Governments

I often get emails asking me why I focus so much on Christianity when Islam is a bigger worldwide threat. My response is that, in America, Christianity is the bigger problem — they’re the ones usually attempting to legislate their religious beliefs. But the video below makes a very strong case for why we need [Read More...]

A Giant Cross in Dugger, Indiana Must Come Down (Fixed)

If you visited the town of Dugger, Indiana over the past two years, this is what you would have seen: That’s a 26-foot-tall cross on public property. Until recently, no one ever complained about it. But Americans United for Separation of Church and State sent the city a letter asking them to take it off [Read More...]