Why See the Ugly When We Stand Before the Beautiful?

Nate Phelps, who escaped from the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church several years ago, narrates this beautiful video about how to see the beauty in life despite being raised to see the ugly:

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Christians Are Furious That Bible Distributions Have Ended in a Tennessee School District

Remember when the Orange County schools in Florida allowed an outside group to passively distribute Bibles to students? They left them on a table and students could pick one up if they wanted a copy. But the school board had to make a decision after atheists and representatives from the Satanic Temple requested the opportunity to hand out their own materials. Eventually, board members decided to stop all distributions of religious (or anti-religious) material.

The same discussion is currently taking place in Bledsoe County, Tennessee. Superintendent Jennifer Terry put a halt to Bible distributions and now local Christians are flipping out:

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How Should You Raise Your Kids When You Find Value in Religion but Don’t Really Believe in God?

There have been a number of books published over the past few years about how atheist parents should raise children.

But most of the demographic trends indicate a rise in people who are simply non-religious. They’re not atheists; in fact, they may believe in a nebulous sort of Higher Power. But they aren’t religious enough to attach a label to their beliefs.

That raises some unique problems: Should you go to church on the major holidays, just as a matter of tradition? Should you teach kids religious stories that you yourself may not believe? What if your kids ask you if those stories are true? All of those things are more clear-cut for atheists.

Now, a new book focuses on raising kids when religion just isn’t that important to you. It’s called Losing Our Religion: How Unaffiliated Parents Are Raising Their Children by Christel Manning, a professor at Connecticut’s Sacred Heart University.

Ruth Graham, writing about the book for Slate, falls into this category of “Unaffiliated” parents, and she explains the dilemma she’s facing with her daughter:

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Joshua Feuerstein Now Wants Christians to Avoid Starbucks and Its “Overpriced Abortion Coffee”

The last time Joshua Feuerstein was ranting about Starbucks, he was yelling at us about why the red cups were somehow “taking the Christ out of Christmas.” You may recall that he encouraged his fans to go to Starbucks, buy coffee, and tell them their name is “Merry Christmas” so the baristas would have to write it on the side of the cup. He even urged people to use the hashtag #MerryChristmasStarbucks.

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“Jesus Welcomes You to Hawkins” Sign in Texas is Somehow Still at the Center of Controversy

Remember the 18-foot-wide sign welcoming visitors to the city of Hawkins, Texas?

Mayor Will Rogers had defended the Jesus-tastic sign even after receiving a letter of complaint from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. At one point, he said it wasn’t religious at all. He later said the sign should stay because Jesus was like Superman — and if the FFRF didn’t want a fictional being (in their opinion) welcoming people to Hawkins, then they would oppose Superman, too. So there.

Eventually, the city council voted to do the right thing and take down the sign.

I thought we were done with this story, but it just got weirder after that.

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