In Lawsuit, Moody Bible Institute Accused of Fleecing the Elderly of Their Money

A new lawsuit against Chicago’s Moody Bible Institute says that the non-profit is targeting elderly people in order to get their money when they die.

While non-profits frequently ask older donors to include the group in their wills, the lawsuit claims that a Moody representative got 89-year-old Hazel Turner to sign over her entire estate even though she wasn’t of sound mind:

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Opal Covey, Who Came in Last Place in Toledo Mayoral Race, Claims She Actually Won

A day after coming in dead last in the race for mayor of Toledo (Ohio), “prophetess” Opal Covey still insisted she had actually won the election.

She said the same thing four previous times, claiming that all the votes had just been stolen from her. She knows this because God told her she would be Mayor, making that the only plausible explanation.

She also warned of God’s wrath if that type of obvious voter fraud ever happened again.

That’s why this post-election interview by Jimmy Coehrs is the best thing you’ll see all day:

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Questionable “Hit List” by Bangladeshi Terrorists Targets Atheists Living Abroad

Over the weekend, the terrorist group responsible for killing Bangladeshi atheists (along with one victim’s book publisher) posted a “hit list” of 14 people on Facebook.

Or, at least, that’s the story the media is reporting. The Facebook page was shut down and we don’t know if it was actually the “Ansarullah Bangla Team” as they claimed to be. Still, I doubt anyone on the list is sleeping very soundly.

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Sen. Orrin Hatch Complains About Church/State Separation During Senate Speech

Yesterday, Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT) delivered a lengthy speech about religious liberty in which he spoke out against what he called the “fundamentally flawed foundation” of church/state separation:

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Conservative Christians Are Mad at American Girl Magazine for Showing a Picture of Gay Parents

The November/December issue of American Girl magazine features an article about foster care and it includes this picture of a family that went through the process:

The Conservative Christian group One Million Moms, which cares so little about honesty that its own name is a lie, is furious that gay parents were included in the piece. I guess they’re angry that the magazine photoshopped out the devil horns?

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