Stephen Colbert Mocks Anti-Gay Christian Group One Million Moms

Last night, Stephen Colbert went after the anti-gay Christian group One Million Moms (which has just over 3,000 Twitter followers) for its overreaction to a delightful Campbell’s Soup ad featuring two gay dads:

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Archbishop Sets Restrictions for When Priests Should Deny Communion to Catholics

It’s hard for me to feel bad for those who have been denied communion by Catholic priests. It’s a silly ritual to begin with, taking a bite of Jesus, but if you’re someone who doesn’t follow or accept Catholic teachings in a certain area, then not receiving communion ought to be the least of your worries. It’s embarrassing when the denial happens publicly, but it ultimately has the same effect of parents telling children that their imaginary friends can’t come out and play unless they eat their broccoli.

Still, that’s been the standard punishment for self-described Catholics who support abortion rights or marriage equality.

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Faith-Healing, Child-Killing Christian Parents Will Finally Go to Prison

It was nearly four years ago when Dale and Shannon Hickman were first sentenced to prison.

As members of the Followers of Christ Church (in Oregon), they believed in prayer as an alternative to doctors, a belief that resulted in the death of their newborn son. According to a pediatric expert who testified against the Hickmans, their son had a 99.9% chance of survival if only they had sought out proper medical care.

A judge found them guilty of second-degree manslaughter and gave them a prison sentence of more than six years — the longest one ever issued to faith-healing parents who killed their own child.

So why bring them up again?

The Hickmans appealed the ruling and it’s been going through the legal system for years now. But the Oregon Court of Appeals as well as the Oregon Supreme Court affirmed the decision and there’s no way to appeal it now.

The Hickmans are finally going to jail.

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Alabama Supreme Court Justice Violated Ethics on Christian Radio, Says Watchdog Group

When you think of Christian theocrats on the Alabama Supreme Court, Chief Justice Roy Moore probably comes to mind first. He’s the guy who installed a Ten Commandments monument in the courthouse more than a decade ago. But many of the justices could easily fit the description. For example, Tom Parker, who also sits on the bench, believes the Bible supersedes the Constitution.

That alone wouldn’t disqualify him from the bench — Antonin Scalia is on the U.S. Supreme Court, after all — but Parker made comments on Bryan Fischer‘s radio show earlier this month that alluded to a case he’s supposed to be deciding (in an impartial way) very soon.

That’s why the Southern Poverty Law Center has filed a formal complaint against the justice:

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Richard Dawkins Chats with Trevor Noah on The Daily Show

If you missed it last night because of the baseball games or debate, Richard Dawkins appeared on the Daily Show to chat with Trevor Noah about his new book Brief Candle in the Dark:

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