Gov. Mike Huckabee: Racism Exists Because of Sin

During a Democratic Presidential debate that was focused on real issues and was noteworthy for its lack of entertainment value (at least compared to the Republican debates), the candidates all gave decent responses to the question of whether black lives matter or all lives matter. The truth is you can say yes to both without being a hypocrite, and the candidates made sure to stress the disproportionately harsh experiences faced by African-Americans in this country.

But leave it to Gov. Mike Huckabee to say something idiotic despite not even being on that stage:

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Teenager Dies from Blunt Force Trauma at the Hands of His Christian Parents and Other Church Members

There was a story making the rounds yesterday about a New York teenager who was beaten to death by his parents and four other members of their church… for reasons that we still don’t understand. But the mystery is part of the problem.

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Let’s Embrace the AFHSQ

AFHSQ is an acronym that stands for Atheist, Freethinker, Humanist, Secularist, and Questioning.

Even in my household, where we can all agree on most things and find acceptance, we still differ on our label to express a version of our “non-belief.” For us, “atheism” seems to attract the strong renegade type while “Humanist” applies to the more amiable thoughtful one.

Many articles have expressed the same frustration, within the scope of atheism itself. Valerie Tarico raised the issue a few years ago:

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In Short Film, Baptist Preacher Has to Choose Between Church and His Lesbian Daughter

Apple Ng grew up in a Christian family in Hong Kong. She knows how hard it is to come out as LGBT in the religious world, but knows that the tension is even worse in Asian cultures.

She’s working on a short film to highlight that conflict:

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Indian Officials Ask Astrologers to Prevent Tragedies During Major Hindu Pilgrimage

Following the stampede at Mecca last month, officials in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh are determined to make sure nothing like that happens at next April’s Simhastha (a Hindu pilgrimage). That’s why they’re spending money on the best kind of security:

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