Nashville Mayoral Candidate Airs Radio Ad Trashing Opponent’s Support of Church/State Separation

Last week, I posted about a controversy brewing in the Nashville (Tennessee) mayoral race between Megan Barry and David Fox. Rumor had it that Fox’s campaign was calling up voters and suggesting that Barry didn’t believe in God — because that’s supposed to be a bad thing.

Barry responded to the initial rumor by telling the audience at a church’s prayer breakfast that the allegations weren’t true — which is perfectly fine for her to say — but I didn’t appreciate this one particular comment:

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Kim Davis’ Lawyer Says KY County Residents Can Drive 30 Minutes to Get a Marriage License Elsewhere

Mat Staver, the Liberty Counsel lawyer who’s defending Christian bigot Kim Davis in her quest to be a government employee who doesn’t have to do her job,┬áis bending over backwards trying to rationalize bigotry.

His latest argument, which he alluded to on MSNBC last night and said outright on Steve Malzberg‘s Newsmax program today, is that the 20,000+ people who live and pay taxes in Rowan County, Kentucky simply have to drive 30 minutes out of their way (to another county) to obtain a marriage license if they want one — all so that a Christian doesn’t have to do the job she was elected for and gets paid to do.

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Church Warns Against “Spiritually Transmitted Disease”

I know churches are always trying to get your attention with flashy postcards and fliers… but Blue Mountain Community Church (in Walla Walla, Washington) may want to rethink this one:

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Accused Pedophile Told Cop “The Bible Did Not Set Limits on the Age Between Two Partners”

Here’s a thought: Don’t be a pedophile.

Here’s another thought: If you are one, don’t tell the cops “the Bible did not set limits on the age between two partners.”

(Actually, wait, I take that last one back. Go ahead and say it because it makes it that much easier to lock you up.)

Timothy Morgan Butler said the statement to cops in Layton, Utah last year after he was arrested:

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Liberty University’s New Building is Totally Not Overcompensating for Anything

I know Christian fundamentalism is very patriarchal, but Liberty University may be taking it a step too far

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