The Economist Estimates the Catholic Church Spent $171,600,000,000 in 2010

The Economist has attempted to paint a picture of what the Catholic Church’s finances look like, especially in light of the sexual abuse scandals. I’ll admit it. I may have salivated a bit at this paragraph: By studying court documents in bankruptcy cases, examining public records, requesting documents from local, state and federal governments, as [Read More...]

High Court Rules That Man Must Prolong His Suffering Instead of Dying with Dignity

Tony Nicklinson, an Englishman, was paralyzed from the neck down after a stroke in 2005: Tony can’t communicate other than through blinking and he wanted doctors to end his life on his own terms, instead of prolonging his suffering. Yesterday, though, the High Court ruled that he can’t do that. If doctors let him die [Read More...]

Making a Peanut Butter Sandwich… Without Arms

This has nothing to do with atheism. I’m just amazed by it: Tisha UnArmed shows how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when you have no arms. It gets *ridiculously* impressive at the 4:00 mark. (via Christina) [Read more...]

Is It Fair to Call the Family Research Council a ‘Hate Group’?

Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage appeared on CNN this morning in the wake of the Family Research Council shooting. Brown calls for “civil debate” on all sides of the gay rights debate… which is strange coming from a group that says so many awful things about LGBT people. (In fact, the Southern [Read More...]

Why Did the Alexander Aan Petition Fail?

A lot of atheist groups recently tried to get people to sign a petition on behalf of Alexander Aan, the Indonesian atheist sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for the crime of… saying he’s an atheist. If we could get 25,000 signatures in a month, the Obama administration would have to respond to it and [Read More...]