This is How Christian Publishers Are Trying to Attract Young Readers?

I know Christian publishers are always looking for new ways to make the Bible relevant and hip and totally awesome for children… but Wacky Bible Gross Outs from Zonderkidz makes me think they’ve jumped the shark:

On the surface, the whole “Let’s talk about gross stuff in the Bible” doesn’t sound too bad… but just look at how they’re marketing this thing:

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Canadian Pastor Tells Congregation Not to Vaccinate Their Children… and Surprise! Now There’s a Measles Outbreak

There’s a measles outbreak in parts of Canada, leading government officials to urge citizens to get vaccinated. I wonder why people aren’t vaccinated… wanna take a wild guess?

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Former Westboro Baptist Church Member Lauren Drain’s Statement About Fred Phelps

On Facebook, Lauren Drain, a former Westboro Baptist Church member who escaped and wrote a book about her experiences, issued a statement regarding how church founder Fred Phelps appears to be on the “edge of death:

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Nick Sagan Speaks About His Father Carl

Chris Stedman interviewed Carl Sagan‘s son, Nick Sagan, and I thought his remarks about why his father was such an icon in the non-theist community was spot-on:

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Westboro Baptist Church Offers Non-Responses to Questions About Fred Phelps’ Health

A day after we heard that Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps may be on the “edge of death,” the church has responded to a number of the questions people are asking… by pretty much evading everything.

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