Appeals Court Rules That “Big Mountain Jesus” Statue in Montana Is Not Religious

If you were to go skiing at Whitefish Mountain Resort in Montana, a resort on land owned by the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), you might come across a statue known as “Big Mountain Jesus”:

The reason that statue is allowed to be on the property is because the USFS gave the Knights of Columbus a “Special Use Permit” in 1953 to build and maintain a memorial to honor WWII veterans. However, the Knights decided to build Big Mountain Jesus because “veterans from the 10th Mountain Division… wanted to commemorate their fallen comrades with a statue that evoked memories of the many religious shrines and statues they had seen in the mountain communities of Europe.”

That’s convenient, isn’t it?… We didn’t intend to build a statue to Jesus. The veterans requested it!

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A Christian College President Resigned Due to “Health Concerns”; He Was Actually Caught Having an Affair

Back in January, when South Carolina-based North Greenville College — affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention — announced the retirement of President Jimmy Epting, the press release made clear it was because of health concerns:

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Here’s How Common It Is for a High School Football Coach to Lead the Team in Prayer Before a Game

The Houston Chronicle published a slideshow the other day of Fort Bend Kempner High School’s football team (in Sugar Land, Texas) getting ready for their first game of the season. This is Texas high school football. It’s a big deal.

While most of the pictures are what you’d expect — warm-ups, a huddle, the band — there was one picture featuring the players coming together in prayer… with head coach Darrin Andrus leading the way.

(I can’t repost the image on this site, but you can see it here.)

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Praise the Lorrd

Also missing? A proofreader.

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A Christian Pastor’s Advice for Women

Gospel Baptist Church (Florida) Pastor Bill Lytell tells the women-folk in the congregation about their job description:

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